Bad experience with Lisa at Laufhaus Zollgasse 3

We have just read a user review about Lisa, who can be found in Apartment 24 at Laufhaus Zollgasse 3. The punter visited the Laufhaus for the first time and checked out a few ladies there. Finally, he decided to choose Lisa in Apartment 24 because, as he said, she is not beauty but has a nice appearance that he liked.

After the punter joined her in the room, his worst experience started.

She used a disinfectant spray directly on his penis

Lisa asked for 100 EUR for half an hour and told the customer to take a shower, with the promise of additional services afterward. The punter had a shower and lay on the bed when Lisa sprayed some disinfectant on his penis, which surprised him a lot. He immediately asked the girl if she had lost her mind, but she claimed she was just super hygienic.

The guest experienced serious pain because of the chemicals and washed his penis immediately. He wanted to leave the room, but Lisa started begging him, claiming she was just being super hygienic and would do a good job on him. Despite still being angry, the guest was also horny, so he decided to stay.

Then the girl started negotiating the extra services, asking for EUR 60 for a prostate massage and EUR 80 for a blowjob without a condom. This was too much for the guest, so finally they agreed on a total of EUR 80 for both services. The punter wrote in the forum that this amount was still too much for the extras, but he was able to accept it.

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She began the blowjob without using her lips

Lisa started the blowjob, but she only took approximately 1.5 cm of the guest’s penis and barely touched it with her lips, making the guest wonder if she had started at all. When he asked about this, the woman said his penis was too big and she was unable to perform oral sex.

At this point, the punter added a note to his story that he had never encountered a case where his penis did not fit, suggesting that his size was not unusually large for a sex worker. He also mentioned that he had no issues with hygiene and never expected anyone to raise concerns about it.

Lisa in Zollgasse 3

Returning to the story, Lisa suddenly stopped the weak blowjob, put a condom on the client, and started riding him. He was still in shock from the lackluster blowjob, but the intercourse also ended quickly. After four thrusts, Lisa told the guest he was ejaculating, but this was far from the truth, so the client ended the session, took a quick shower, and dressed.

Paying more than agreed

After this unsuccessful encounter, Lisa demanded payment, asking for EUR 60 + 80 for the extras, despite agreeing on EUR 80 for both extras, and not performing the prostate massage at all. The punter asked the girl again if she had lost her mind, as she wanted EUR 240 for this service.

She threatened him with reporting him if he didn’t pay. The guest didn’t want trouble and an argument with Laufhaus personnel, so he reluctantly paid EUR 240 to Lisa. He also learned his lesson and decided not to visit Laufhaus Zollgasse 3 again.

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