5 Tips to Improve Chemistry with a Sex Club Companion

Engaging in a paid sexual encounter can evoke various emotions, especially when you’ve invested a substantial sum of money. Your goal is to receive the best possible service, and this hinges on the chemistry between you and the chosen sex worker.

In this article, you will discover five ways to enhance this chemistry, and you’ll realize that only a few subtle nuances are needed to elevate your brothel visit.

1. Treat the sex worker like any other person outside of the club

Sex workers in brothels are the same individuals you encounter in everyday life; they simply have a different profession. When you visit a sex club and engage with one of the ladies, avoid placing her on a pedestal. Remember, she is an ordinary person like anyone else, and treating her differently might make the situation awkward for both of you.

On the other hand, you should never treat her disrespectfully or make her feel ashamed of her work. In general, most sex workers in high-class clubs are intelligent, pleasant individuals who speak multiple languages and have lived in different countries.

If you imply that you are “better” than them, your chosen companion may distance herself from you, and in most cases, the club’s security personnel may escort you out.

The best approach is to treat the sex worker as you would any other person outside the club. Find someone you connect with, start a conversation, and enjoy each other’s company; it’s that simple. If you are a first-time visitor to a Viennese brothel, consider reading an article on how to get started.

2. Compliment her on her attire, shoes, or perfume

Once you understand why it’s essential to treat the selected lady as a regular person, complimenting her on aspects like her clothing, shoes, perfume, or appearance becomes a natural gesture. If your compliments sound genuine, they will contribute to increasing the chemistry between you.

This is a natural process; women appreciate receiving compliments, so it’s a good practice to utilize.

3. Buy her a drink

Another way to show your appreciation is by buying a drink for the sex worker. This gesture demonstrates your generosity and willingness to go beyond the basics of the sexual encounter. In return, the chosen companion is likely to be more grateful and treat you as a valued customer immediately.

Having a glass of champagne or a delightful spirit can also help you relax and focus on the more important aspects of your visit.

4. Get to know her and ask questions

Engaging in light conversation is always a good idea to learn more about the sex worker, alleviate stress, and enhance the chemistry. A warm and kind discussion shows that you view her as a human being rather than just someone providing sexual services.

If you are not skilled in conversation, don’t worry; these professionals are experts in their field and will guide the conversation smoothly. Just express your interest, and everything will proceed smoothly!

5. Start with light touches to build trust early on

Before heading to a private room, it’s worth building trust between you and the selected companion. The above-mentioned steps are ideal for initiating this process. If you mention that you like her smile or buy her a glass of champagne and start a conversation, you’re already on the right track. Human interactions extend beyond monetary transactions, even in the context of paid sexual encounters.

You can initiate light physical contact between the two of you, such as touching her hand during laughter or when discussing deeper topics. Many people may not appreciate physical contact, but in a brothel setting, sex workers are accustomed to it.

Of course, it’s crucial to respect boundaries and not behave disrespectfully. While touching her breasts or buttocks can be funny in some cases, it can also be considered rude, even if you’re willing to pay for her services. Simply act respectfully and focus on building trust between you two; you can be certain that this behavior will pay off later in the room.

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