Why We Have More Desire for Sex in the Summer

Hot temperatures bring a rise in desire for hot encounters. We reveal the reasons behind this phenomenon.

While some summer days can be so scorching that you’d rather not move at all, when it comes to love, the opposite is true.

As temperatures soar, so does our desire for sex, and this has been scientifically proven in multiple studies!

The Sun Acts as an Aphrodisiac

Naturally, during hot weather, everyone is dressed in light clothing, and there is more exposed skin to see for both genders. While skimpy clothing is a nice benefit, the increased desire is mainly due to the sun. The increased sunlight in summer causes the body to produce more serotonin (the happiness hormone). This hormone is also considered a sex hormone and, in turn, increases libido. The vitamin D from the sun also helps the body to reduce stress more quickly, resulting in an overall more relaxed state. Additionally, the heat stimulates blood circulation, which can also be arousing.

You Automatically Feel Sexier as People Wear Less

During the summer, people naturally feel sexier as individuals tend to wear less clothing. Girls often opt for shorter skirts or hot pants on the street, while when swimming, they confidently flaunt sexy bathing outfits like bikinis. The same goes for men, of course. The sight of more skin can undoubtedly heighten the desire and create a more sensual atmosphere.

Vitamin D Makes You Feel Sexier

The sun not only provides a source of warmth and light but also plays a role in boosting our sex drive. When the body absorbs sunlight, it synthesizes vitamin D, which has been linked to increased testosterone levels in both men and women. Higher testosterone levels can contribute to a heightened sense of desire and arousal, making us feel sexier during the summer months.

Outdoor Activities Raise Testosterone and Other Pleasure Hormone Levels

Engaging in outdoor activities, such as sports or spending time in nature, not only offers physical benefits but also affects our hormone levels. Research has shown that outdoor activities can increase testosterone levels, which can lead to an increase in sexual desire. Additionally, these activities can raise the levels of pleasure hormones such as dopamine and endorphins, creating a sense of euphoria and further fueling our desire for intimacy.

Vacation is also to Blame

Another factor contributing to the heightened desire for love is the long-awaited summer vacation. During summer, things tend to heat up faster because many people have more leisure time during their holidays, making them more relaxed. The desire to try new things also increases as a result.

So, if you’re feeling more desire for sex right now, go ahead and embrace it. After all, everyone should fully enjoy the summer before this hot season quickly comes to an end. Let the sun, skimpy outfits, vitamin D, and outdoor activities fuel your passion and make this summer an unforgettable one.

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