Vienna Named World’s Most Livable City

In the latest edition of the “Monocle’s Quality of Life Survey” the renowned news magazine “Monocle” has crowned Vienna as the most livable city in the world for 2023.

According to a ranking by the British news magazine “Monocle,” Vienna has claimed the title of the world’s most livable city for 2023. This marks the first time that the Austrian capital has secured the top spot in the city rankings, dethroning last year’s winner, Copenhagen. Coming in at second and third place for 2023 are Copenhagen and Munich, respectively. Notably, no North American city has made it into the top 20 for the past 16 years. In the previous year’s “Monocle” ranking, Vienna held the seventh position.

The “Monocle’s Quality of Life Survey” for 2023 evaluates various factors, including safety, the general sense of security, and trust in the police force. The impacts of inflation on city life, annual rental increases, and child poverty rates are also taken into account as relevant criteria.

Vienna’s Outstanding Rankings in International Surveys

  • 2023: Ranked 1st as the most livable city in “Monocle’s Quality of Life Survey 2023.”
  • 2022: Ranked 1st in the “Global Liveability Index” by the “Economist Intelligence Unit” (EIU).
  • 2022: Ranked 1st in the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) ranking.
  • 2019: Ranked 1st in the “Smart City Strategy Index” by the global consulting firm Roland Berger.
  • 2019: Ranked 1st as the most livable city in the “Quality of Living” study by Mercer.
  • 2018: Named “Best International Destination 2017” in the ranking by the largest LGBT travel platform,

Vienna’s impressive performance in these international rankings further solidifies its reputation as a city that offers an exceptional quality of life. With its rich cultural heritage, high safety standards, and thriving urban environment, Vienna continues to shine as a model city for others to emulate.

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