29-year-old Romanian sex worker, beaten to death in Villach

There were terrifying scenes for the bypassers that had to watch as a man stopped his car in front of the Villach district administration building on Monday and proceeded to grab the body of a young woman from the back seat and drop it on the pavement just in front of the official building.

It is later discovered that the body belonged to a 29-year-old Romanian sex-worker.

It is unclear why the man chose to bring the woman to that particular location, instead of going to the hospital. The woman had obviously sustained serious beatings, but at that moment it was unknown if the woman was still alive.

After dropping her body to the ground, the man started shouting “´´My life is over`” over and over again till the Ambulance and Police arrived.

The victim worked as sex worker

The Paramedics carried out resuscitation measures on the woman, but they proved to be unsuccessful, the woman being already deceased and sustaining massive violente injuries.

The 28-year-old man has been arrested under the suspicion of murder and he is being questioned. 

At the moment, all is known about the two is the fact that the victim is a 29-year-old Romanian woman who used to work as a sex worker in a red light club in the industrial area of Villach.

The suspect’s relationship with the victim has also been disclosed, he was her boyfriend and pimp, with whom she lived in a shared apartment in the Villach-Land district.

The murder weapon, a self-carved wooden stick in the shape of a baseball bat, was found and seized near the brothel and sauna club, which was mainly frequented by Italian customers. The suspect’s car has also been confiscated. It is not clear at the moment if the suspect is indeed the murderer or if he acted as an accomplice. 

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Meantime in Germany: Dissatisfied client of sex work services, becomes violent

After he was apparently unpleased with the performance of a sex worker in an Aalen brothel, a 34-year-old man, asked for his money back on Sunday morning. After the worker denied his request and expelled the bad suitor from the room, he took out his frustration on a colleague of the lady who he happened to meet in the hallway.

The police stated that the man threated the sex worker and knocked her against the wall, leaving her with a minor injury to her shoulder.

He attempted to hit the woman in the face by using his fist, but happily another customer stopped him and succeeded in pushing the man out of the establishment.

After the 34-year-old man kept kicking the door and trying to gain access back to the building, the police were notified. Since they saw that the man wasn’t planning to leave the location, they have decided that he has to be taken in custody.

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