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    There are a huge number of sex studios that we can find in Vienna, so a list of some of the best ones is necessary. This is exactly what we get, as this Sex-Vienna article showcases some of the best establishments that you can find in the city. The list contains useful information about each of the sex studios and you can even visit their websites to further learn about them. If you’re interested in some of the best sex studios in Wien, be sure to read the list.


    thank you very much that will be very helpful if i travelled to Vienna and its also helpful for a lot of mongers that speaks only English , i was really excited to travel in the beginning of April to Vienna but after reading a lot of reviews about mongering in Vienna it seems that the possibility of having bad experiences with (cold,spoiled,rude girls) higher than having a GFE or even a typical good experience.
    thanks again
    best regards


    The prices have become very cheap in Vienna. Therefore the girls are often not motivated to work because they need to do lots of stuff which they are not into only to earn a few bucks. It also doesn’t help if some guy takes all the cash away from the girl after work. That is something that happens a lot too but not only in Vienna, of course. In the top studios I have listed, the girls make enough to be happy and, as far as I know, do not give money to any pimp. That makes for good working conditions which equal a high probability for having great sex. The girls are under a lot of pressure nowadays, so bad service is often the result and quite understandable in my opinion. For what it is worth, I hope my post helps to filter a little. It is still not done, I will update it this week.


    Regarding Studio #5 and they reasons for the girl’s departure you are very mistaken. I might have something to tell you. Contact Me.


    then tell it


    He paid them only a fraction of what they were supposed to get. The photo of Julie in the red dress and the photo next to it in the middle are her private photos which he stole from her phone. So I would like to ask you to delete these two private photos of her. There is much more to it but i cannot tell it on a public forum. I thought you have access to my email? Isn’t that the case?


    I see. Of course I didn’t know that. Better for the girls in that case that they left.


    I understand. Yes, I will remove the photos and yes, I have access to your email address. I will send you something there soon and then you can tell me more if you want.


    sounds good


    Done, her images are gone. Good luck!




    One thing I don’t understand is how do these girls offering AO protect them against HIV? Are weekly check-ups enough. If not why would they risk their lives. This AO thing seems to risky to be true…:)


    When you do AO you can’t protect yourself against HIV. Then again they know that the risk of getting it is lower than the media makes believe. It is dangerous, though. There are not many cases of prostitutes catching this disease, as far as I am informed. I would advise against risking it, of course, as well.

    At the end of the day, we are not save, whatever we do


    Here are results of a comprehensive study showing the risk of getting HIV having sex without condom with a positive infected person.
    As example for vaginal unprotected sex male to female chance is 1 to 1234, if the male is infected with HIV.
    The chance for a male to be infected is 1 to 470 in Austria. So the chance for a sex worker to be infected by a client during unprotected sex is very small.

    Here is a compassion between people killed in a car accident or becoming infected with HIV in Austria:
    Road fatalities in Austria 6.6 at 100000 inhabitants

    The number of HIV diagnosed cases varied from 5.5 to 6.5 cases at 100000 inhabitants.

    #6701 – first described studio moved in the center of Vienna.

    I am looking for a studio were girls have a better presentation not just pictures.
    This because I would like to know if they know certain languages and they offer more various sexual games.

    I found : this studio were sex is only with condom, most of the room have different toys (BDSM type) for play.
    Do you know/recommend other studios like this?

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