Man receives fine for threatening a sex club owner

A 30-year-old man from the Oberland region faced legal consequences after making threats against the owner of a sex club. In September 2023, the defendant posted several vulgar messages in the guestbook of the club, directed at the owner. The messages included threats of violence, stating that he would shoot the owner of the club.

He spent 400,000 euros in the sex club and a casino

The accused, who is unemployed, explained during the trial that he felt defrauded by the club.

He claimed to have spent approximately 400,000 euros in the sex club and an associated casino, alleging that he was overcharged by about 150,000 euros. He stated that, on multiple occasions, he was billed for more drinks than he had actually consumed.

The court acknowledged the defendant’s mental impairment, which was presented as evidence during the proceedings.

In his defense, the man asserted that his threats were an attempt to recover the money he believed he was owed. However, this resulted in criminal charges rather than restitution.

During the trial, the defendant pleaded guilty to the charges. In response, the judge fined him 320 euros but did not give him a criminal record. The judge advised the defendant to refrain from similar behavior in the future, warning that any further offenses would result in more severe legal consequences.

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