Top 10 reasons why the Nordic Prostitution Model is bad for men

The Nordic Prostitution Model, also known as the Swedish model, criminalizes the purchase of sex while decriminalizing its sale. This approach, implemented in several countries including Sweden, Norway, and Iceland, aims to reduce the demand for prostitution and protect the women involved in sex work.

A lot of people criticize the model because it is bad for the women and society. In this article, you can read the top 10 reasons why this model is bad for men:

  1. The Nordic Model is unfair to men as it demonizes or criminalizes them
  2. The nordic model stigmatizes the sex industry
  3. How personal freedoms are at risk under the Nordic model
  4. The hidden impact of reduced sexual services
  5. The dangers of losing safe and legal brothels
  6. Increasing cases of blackmail among customers
  7. Criminalized men won’t be able to ask legal help
  8. STDs can spread in the community as a bushfire
  9. Customers will have fear to ask medical help
  10. Sex education is the key, not the criminalisation

1. The Nordic Model is unfair to men as it demonizes or criminalizes them

Under the Nordic model, men who purchase sex are criminalized and face legal consequences. This criminalization can lead to severe penalties, including fines and imprisonment. The legal problems can affect their families, careers, and social life as well.

It is a total nonsense that an everyday man who has a job, family, and private life is criminalized because of paying for sexual services. Such transactions are consensual ones, and there are no reasons to punish the parties, neither the women nor the men.

2. The nordic model stigmatizes the sex industry

The Nordic model reinforces negative stereotypes about men who purchase sex, portraying them as exploitative and immoral. This one-dimensional view fails to consider the complexity of motivations and circumstances that lead men to seek sexual services. By painting all clients with the same brush, the model strengthens harmful stereotypes.

Men who are paying for sex are not beasts. They are just looking for sex, sometimes emotional support by being regulars at a sex worker or they can even spice up their marriages with their wife and a sex worker. The paid sex scene is as colorful and diverse as it can be, so there are no reasons to push the false and old stereotypes.

3. How personal freedoms are at risk under the Nordic model

Critics say that because of the stricter authority control of the Nordic model, men’s personal freedom and rights can be hurt. We all know that when authorities get too much power and assets, sooner or later there will be serious consequences, even in the strongest democracies, because this is how power-enforcement organizations work.

There is no reason to spend a lot of money and resources on tracking everyday men and their sexual activities, while there are much more serious criminals in every country.

And if more staff is employed because of the Nordic model, then the whole society will pay its costs.

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4. The hidden impact of reduced sexual services

The criminalization of purchasing sex reduces the availability of sexual services. Men who are looking for these services for various reasons find it increasingly difficult to access them legally and safely. This scarcity can drive the market underground, where both clients and sex workers face greater risks. The reduced availability of sexual services also ignores the reality that consensual sex work can be a valid form of labor and personal expression.

The current situation in Vienna is very good, in terms of the offered services and diversity. You can find sex workers in all of the niches, even in the most special ones as well, they offer many services and you can find offers in all price segments. A bad law would totally ruin this situation and lead to less, more expensive, and more dangerous services.

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The Nordic model pushes the sex trade into less visible and less regulated environments. As a result, men who purchase sex are more likely to do so in unsafe and illegal settings.

This shift not only increases the danger for sex workers but also for the clients.

Men may find themselves in vulnerable situations. Currently, there are many brothel types and a lot of places in Vienna, where safety is the highest standard. Men in the city have the advantage of getting high-class sex in safe brothels, the only thing needed is money.

blackmailing in WhatsApp

6. Increasing cases of blackmail among customers

The illegal status of purchasing sex makes men vulnerable to blackmailing. Knowing that they are engaging in criminal activity, clients may be targeted by pimps who threaten to expose them unless they pay more money.

Previously we wrote about this when customers in Vienna provided their WhatsApp numbers to illegal sex workers, and later they got threats from the girls’ pimps.

The aggressive pimps tried to get extra amounts because of not previously discussed extra services and threatened the clients that they will pay with their blood, in case of not paying the extra money.

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Men who are criminalized for purchasing sex have limited access to legal help. Fear of prosecution and the associated stigma discourage men from seeking legal advice or assistance.

This is again a problem where criminals would take advantage; there would be literally no limit to what they could demand from the clients. It would be a very sad and bad sex scene where there are no legal helps for clients, just criminals.

8. STDs can spread in the community as a bushfire

By driving the sex trade underground, the Nordic model increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In illegal and unregulated settings, there is less emphasis on safe sex practices and fewer opportunities for health checks.

This problem is a double-edged sword, as both have risks for the sex workers and the customers.

The sex workers who work illegally have no protection against aggressive and shady clients. If they want something and the girl would not offer it, the girl would have no recourse against coercion or violence.

And the saddest thing is that customers tend to force the girls to provide unwanted services if they know that the girl is not protected by law – currently this is one of the strongest reasons why not to work illegally in the sex industry of Vienna or other countries.

The Nordic model would make this threat permanent.

The other edge of the sword, however, is that Vienna has very strict laws for sex workers and brothels; for example, the girls must have a police license and regular health checks.

In an illegal scene, these laws would not be in effect, so clients would have a higher risk of contracting an STD.

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9. Customers will have fear to ask medical help

Criminalization also limits men’s access to health services. Fear of exposure and legal consequences can deter men from seeking medical help for sexual health issues or from accessing mental health support related to their involvement in the sex trade.

This fear would very likely strengthen the effects of the higher risks of STDs, causing damage to the whole society. Men would not just have a higher risk of being sick, but then they would keep this secret and spread the diseases everywhere.

10. Sex education is the key, not the criminalisation

The Nordic model’s focus on criminalization rather than education creates a lack of comprehensive education on sexual health, consent, and safe practices for both clients and sex workers.

Sex, sexual ethics, and sexual health are subjects, like other subjects in school. They should be learned through reading, hearing educational materials, and getting extra info from other sources.

If a society focuses on criminalization instead of education, there can be more arrests, but in the long run, the missing education would cause more problems, health concerns, and damage to the economy.


While the Nordic model aims to reduce exploitation and protect individuals in prostitution, it also has significant negative impacts on men who purchase sex. Criminalization, reinforcement of negative stereotypes, infringement on personal freedoms, and the creation of more dangerous environments are just a few of the negative effects.

In this article, we mentioned these reasons why this model is bad for men:

  1. Criminalization of everyday men
  2. Negative stereotypes would be worsened
  3. There would be infringements of personal freedoms and rights
  4. A lot of sexual services would no longer be offered
  5. Legal and safe brothels would not exist anymore
  6. Men could be blackmailed more easily
  7. Customers would not be able to seek medical help easily
  8. Sexually transmitted diseases would spread more easily
  9. Customers would have fear of seeking medical help
  10. Law enforcement is never a better choice than sexual education

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