Police Called to Sauna Club in Villach Due to Unpaid Bill

In an unusual turn of events, local police officers were recently called to a sauna club in Villach in response to a case of “dine and dash.” A 53-year-old patron allegedly enjoyed the services of a Romanian sex worker for an hour in one of the club’s rooms but found himself unable to pay the agreed-upon fee of 250 euros afterward.

It appears that the customer was well aware of his financial constraints before indulging in the services. Furthermore, he expressed confusion regarding the charges, questioning the purpose of the 250 euros. Faced with an unpaid bill and a resistant customer, the club staff decided to involve the authorities.

The police arrived at the scene and subsequently reported the individual for “dine and dash” behavior. Notably, the 53-year-old did manage to cover the cost of the beverages he had consumed during his visit to the establishment.

This unusual incident serves as a reminder of the unexpected situations that law enforcement officers can find themselves dealing with in the line of duty, even in the most unconventional of locations.

Only problems arise from not paying for sexual services upfront

This is a significant issue in sauna clubs, where customers often settle their bills after engaging in sexual intercourse. Such a practice can lead to various problems. It is always stressful for sex workers when disputes arise over payments, and, in some cases, as mentioned above, customers may find themselves unable to pay.

However, traditional sex clubs offer a better solution: customers are required to pay upfront after negotiating the services and extra costs. This arrangement is safer for the workers, and it creates a less stressful environment, leading to better services.

It is also worth noting that sometimes the sex worker may unintentionally overcharge the client. However, it’s essential to confirm the location. In establishments like FKK Andiamo Sauna Club, sex workers are generally known for their honesty and integrity. On the other hand, punters may be more likely to encounter such situations in some of Vienna’s most renowned sauna clubs, such as Goldentime.

As we previously reported, prices at Goldentime have soared, with some cases seeing prices nearly double due to the girls increasing their rates and the introduction of unique pricing for extras.

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