Britain has banned dating ads featuring Ukrainian women due to the conflict there

War in Ukraine continues. Because of this, dating websites promote encounters with “lonely Ukrainians.” For the British, that marks the end of the matter.

On numerous dating websites, the adverts read, “Meet lonely Ukrainians near you!” The competent authorities have prohibited a number of dating adverts using Ukrainian ladies because Great Britain wants to put an end to this. The ruling specifically concerns three adverts from the dating website “SofiaDate.” The models in the advertisement are dressed provocatively and have low necklines.

“Meet millions of lonely Ukrainian ladies,” states the advertisement. “Forget about being alone. Be joyful!”

It is obvious that the “sex appeal” created by the tight clothes is linked to the vulnerability of immigrant women. An alternative perspective of the Ukraine War seems improbable. Additionally, prostitution is a method by which pimps and human traffickers attempt to recruit Ukrainian women seeking safety abroad.

The UN agency for refugees saw a rise in “reports from Ukrainian women who feel intimidated by their supporters” as early as April.

Numerous dating sites take advantage of the conflict in Ukraine

The adverts were later taken down by the impacted dating website. But this is not an uncommon occurrence.

Numerous dating websites are attempting to take advantage of the ignorance of Ukrainian women, as can be seen by conducting a fast Google search using the phrases “dating” and “Ukraine.”

The placement of Ukrainian women is the focus of several platforms. According to one of the website’s descriptions, “We bring Ukraine to your house as our purpose is to connect singles from all around the world together.”

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