Romanian man sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment in Vienna

Recently, a 41-year-old Romanian man was sentenced to four years of imprisonment by the Vienna Regional Court for human trafficking and serious bodily harm to a 57-year-old Bulgarian woman.

Apparently, the man had been forcing and harassing the woman since 2017 and earning a lot of money through her. For more details about this and other similar topics, keep reading the post!

Romanian pimp earns money through insurance fraud

The Romanian man lured the Bulgarian woman back in 2017 with promises of a better life and more money making opportunities. Without the woman knowing about it, he took out accident insurance policies in the name of the woman.

In 2018, the man apparently forced the woman on the ground, dropped hydrochloric acid into her left eye and later took out around 30,000 euros claiming it was an accident.

Only a few weeks later, he also cut one of the woman’s fingers off and received approximately 25,000 euros in total from three different insurance companies claiming it was a work accident.

According to the woman, she has not seen any of the money that the man earned because of her.

The defendant denies everything

The Romanian man has denied these accusations in court and said that he was only trying to help the woman make money. When asked about the incidents, he said that the woman was doing cleaning work when she injured her eye and that she chopped off her finger while gardening.

The 41-year-old also denied other accusations, such as breaking one of her teeth, punching her in the face and threatening her life.

Naturally, the court did not believe the story of a series of misfortunate events which landed a lot of money in the Romanian’s pocket. Although the trial is not yet finished completely, the Romanian is said to be sentenced to four years of unconditional imprisonment.

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