Austria under lockdown from November 22

Austria has officially gone under lockdown starting from the 22nd of November, lasting until at least December 13th.

All adult entertainment venues are being closed, but the women do not stop working.

They need the money so they continue working through illegal means, which is dangerous for the clients and the women alike. Read on to find out more about the current lockdown, as well as why you shouldn’t visit women who offer their services illegally!

Austria lockdown details

The current lockdown in the country means that all retail shops, restaurants, coffee shops, clubs and any other activity venues are closed. Brothels and other types of adult entertainment establishments are forced to keep closed as well.

Locals can leave their homes to catch some fresh air, but they are not supposed to meet people unless it’s somebody that they meet on a regular basis. They can also leave if they are on their way to work or doing their job.

According to officials, the lockdown will be lifted on December 13th and all vaccinated people will be allowed to go out freely.

Apparently, stores and other types of establishments will also be opened on that day. However, seeing how this usually wasn’t the case the last time there was a lockdown in Vienna, we speculate that it will last a bit longer now too. We think that brothels and other adult entertainment venues won’t be allowed to open until at least January 2022.

For more detailed information about the current lockdown in Austria, check out the official coronavirus information website.

Effects of the lockdown on the prostitution scene in Vienna

The lockdown has obviously impacted business owners the most; however this also means that the women don’t have a legal way of working at the moment. The girls won’t just stop working as they need the money or because they don’t fear the consequences. The police fines for illegal prostitution are high, but they are nothing compared to what the women can charge amid a lockdown.

The magistrates in Vienna are also closed, which means that the women now won’t undergo medical checks until they reopen. This probably means months without them being checked for STDs and other types of diseases that you wouldn’t want to catch.

Warning against visiting illegal sex workers

Women who work from illegal apartments should not be visited, even when there is a lockdown. The cons of such a meeting definitely outweigh the pros and there are a myriad of things that can go wrong.

Not only that the women now don’t visit their doctors regularly, so there is a chance that they have STDs, but you could also get in trouble with the authorities. Additionally, the whole scenario is going to be shady and probably more stressful than pleasurable.

When a client books a meeting with an illegally working girl, she will usually first give an address that is close by, so that she could inspect the client if he is acting suspicious.

When the client has been checked that he is not an undercover cop, he will receive the real address and will be let in. Once in the building, the loverboy or pimp-figure (sometimes groups of guys) will meet the client in the stairway that is leading up to the room.

This is definitely an intimidation tactic and a huge turn-off for the client.

This only happens if the pimp even leaves the room. We’ve heard stories of the pimp being in the room while the session was happening, which is definitely not something you want to experience.

Some illegally working women also scam their clients. They either just take the money and don’t give anything in return or outright lie about agreeing to certain services.

It is important to remember that those illegally working girls are not bound by any supervision from any club or official tax paying organization. They are independent and they can do as they please.

Because of this, they can now offer mediocre services for an all-time-high price as the lockdown is making clients desperate.

Do not trust establishments that promise unrealistic opening dates

As we’ve seen previously, there will be certain establishments that promise opening times that seem too good to be true. This is usually just a publicity stunt; however this can cause huge problems for the girls. Some foreign women see the opportunity to start working again and they might travel to the country months before they can actually start making money.

A professional provider will give you all the information that is available and will make realistic predictions and no promises that can’t be kept.


With everything being closed, the legal prostitution scene in Vienna has paused for the time being. Unfortunately, this also means that we are seeing a huge spike in illegal prostitution. Since illegal prostitution is currently the only option for locals as well, many clients and women are receiving huge fines from the police.

Hopefully we will see a change for the better in the prostitution scene in Vienna soon. As written, we speculate that adult entertainment venues will only be allowed to open in January 2020. Until then, go ahead and check out some of our previous articles, or join the SV Forum and share your thoughts with the community!

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