75-year-old attacked while having sex

As weird as it sounds, a 75-year-old man was assaulted and injured in his apartment in Wahring. An unknown male sneaked into his apartment while he was having sex with a prostitute from a park.

As the police found out so far, the old man invited a young woman (allegedly between 25 and 30 years old) to his apartment for some action. There was nothing unordinary here – besides the fact that the woman’s friend showed up with another woman. And while the apartment owner was busy with the first girl, the second opened the apartment and allowed the male stranger to enter. He attacked the 75-year-old pensioner, hitting him and tying him up.

The investigation is still going on, as the police are searching for fugitives

While he was tied and unable to move, the guests “eased” him for a five-digit amount of euros in both cash and various valuables. The man says that it took him more than 30 minutes to free himself, and that he called the police as soon as he could. He didn’t have any serious injuries, mostly scratches and bruises. The suspects are nowhere to be found though, and the police are assuming that this trio is actually a group of professionals who carefully chose their targets – mostly lonely and vulnerable old men.

Possible connection to a different robbery?

Another similarly-framed robbery occurred on that same night. A 17-year-old boy was supposed to have a blind date with a girl named Larissa, whom he met and spoke to on Instagram for a few days. She invited him to her apartment, but instead of a pretty girl, he was ambushed by two unknown men who were waiting in the apartment building. And to make things that much worse, the boy withdrew a few hundred euros before the meeting, but the date quickly turned around. The two stole the victim’s money and phone, but he was able to escape the fistfight unharmed.

The police made an immediate search for the two suspects, however, they were unsuccessful, as the victim couldn’t remember too many details and was only able to provide a vague description of his attackers.

Source: wien.orf.at

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