Increased number of police raids in Vienna because of the brothel lockdown

As you might already know, there is currently a lockdown of brothels in Vienna. All types of adult entertainment venues are required to be closed up until December 23, and the lockdown might even be extended after that. Since the women are not allowed to work legally, many of them turn to illegal prostitution through private apartments. Additionally, there are also owners who choose to open up their business despite the current ban that’s in effect. For more details about this and other incidents and news that happened recently in Vienna, keep on reading the post now!

Hotel owner opens business amid Corona Virus lockdown

The police have recently conducted a raid on a hotel in Vienna that was reported to be housing illegally working prostitutes. According to the police, people have been reporting frequent activity and suspicious people going in and out of the establishment.

In addition to being open amid the lockdown, the hotel was also lacking the required documents to operate legally. The owner didn’t have an operating facility permit and the establishment was lacking in fire protection equipment and the escape routes were not properly set up either.

The police have arrested six people in the raid and filed charges against more. Some of the charges were against people who were living in the establishment without reporting a new place of residence. People who spend more than three days in a hotel per week are required to register a new home address.

The owner of the hotel closed down the establishment voluntarily after the raid. The spokesperson who reported this news to the media said that if the hotel opens again illegally, the owner will lose his permit forever. The owner is only allowed to open once the ban has been lifted and the correct measures have been taken in acquiring the legal permit.

For more information about this, check out the German publication on the website now!

Many prostitutes turn to illegal prostitution

Since the lockdown has been introduced, we are receiving many reports of illegally operating sexworkers who work from private apartments for the time being. There have been over 30 reports filed by the police in their last raid on private apartments on November 24 and 25 against illegally operating women. After the raids, four of the twelve apartments have been closed and the owners reported and fined for allowing illegally operating ladies in the establishments.

Naturally, the increase in illegal prostitution is in correlation with the lockdown that went into effect not long ago. Since the women can’t work legally, they turn to illegal means to make money. In 2020 alone, the police had to file more than 400 reports under the prostitution act.

To read the German text we based this news on, read the article over on the website now!

Escorts are allowed in Vienna even in the lockdown

We’ve recently published a post on our blog where we shared the new information about escorts being allowed to operate once again in Vienna. The current curfew rules need to be followed and proper protective measures need to be taken, but escort dates are now officially allowed again. Additionally, street prostitution is also allowed, as long as all of the rules are being followed.

For other recent legal changes in Wien, take a look at the following article on the Sex in Vienna blog: Escort in Vienna is officially allowed from today


The frequency of police raids has increased exponentially since the lockdown was introduced. The women who work from apartments illegally face large fines, which is a huge problem for them in itself. Hopefully the fact that the ladies are able to go on escort dates will lower the number of illegally operated brothels and private apartments in Wien.

At this time we aren’t able to tell if adult businesses will be allowed to open after December 23. However, as soon as we receive any new information, we’ll make sure to notify you promptly. Until then, read some of our latest articles on the blog or start a conversation over on the SV Forum about anything related to the sex in Vienna!

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