FKK club Impact on Prostitution Business

FKK clubs and Saunaclubs have been slowly but surely damaging the prostitution business wherever they appeared. Many people love these types of establishments, but if you take a closer look you can easily spot some very obvious problems.

In the following article, we are first going to learn the whole concept of FKKs and then we are going to talk about how FKK clubs impact prostitution in Europe, particularly Germany. So, if you’re up for it, let’s jump straight to the first point, which is explaining what FKKs are. You can also find a list of all FKK clubs and Saunaclubs if you are looking for one to visit.

What are FKK clubs and Saunaclubs?!

FKK clubs or Saunaclubs have become very popular over the last few years. These are spas for men who want to spend a day in an establishment with wellness facilities and prostitutes who offer their services on top of that. Basically, it’s a brothel with wellness elements.

The girls are mostly naked from top to bottom, only wearing accessories, but there are recurring events in some FKK clubs when women are wearing bikinis or lingerie. Men wear slippers and a bathrobe or a towel around their waist; this is where the team “ice bear” comes from. Nowadays this is not too accurate, because of the different colored towels and bath robes, but the term remained.

These items, as well as a personal locker where clients can leave their belongings are included in the entry fee. The entry fee includes using all of the wellness facilities and all you can eat and drink. You can choose from soft drinks, coffee and sometimes non-alcohol beer. Most Saunaclubs offer alcohol too, but you have to pay for it separately. A half hour session usually costs around 50-70€. In Germany it’s mostly 50€. It varies in other countries and could go as high as 120€ in Switzerland.

How FKK clubs impact prostitution

Girls in an FKK Sauna Club in Prague

FKK Sauna Club in Prague

In the following section, we are going to go through the negative impacts of FKK clubs on sex scene in Europe, mainly Germany.

While Germany has the most FKK clubs, they are also present in other countries too. Saunaclubs might be the minority, but they are slowly appearing in many different countries. Austria has a few FKKs too, but their number is still less than other establishments, such as brothels, sex clubs and sex studios.

FKK clubs are the only option in Germany

If there are regular brothels and other legal prostitution options, there is no problem; however, in Germany FKK clubs are almost the only choice that people have when it comes to paying for sex. There are other types of brothels too, but they are the minority and they have no role in the overall business.

This means that you no longer have the diverse choice when it comes to brothels and you cannot go from one to the other in a day, trying multiple clubs out. You have to decide on one particular Saunaclub and spend at least a couple of hours there. Before FKK clubs and Saunaclubs, you could start the evening with a session in a brothel, and then go have dinner in a fine restaurant, go to another brothel or simply call an escort and visit a night club. After this, you could still go to other places or choose to take the girl to your hotel room.

In countries where FKK clubs are the only option, the sex scene is no longer as diverse as it used to be. This is one of the main problems people have with Saunaclubs. The lack of other clubs is boring and fatal for those who do not like FKKs.

Saunaclub prices put huge pressure on the girls

When you think about it, 50€ for a girl’s body and dignity is simply not acceptable. There is a lot of pressure on the girls as they have to sell themselves short and perform flawlessly. If they don’t do everything that the client expects, they can simply be replaced by another girl. After all, there are 99 other sex workers competing. Clients also often touch the ladies inappropriately and send them away afterwards.

In FKK clubs clients pay after the sex

In every other prostitution system clients pay before the sex, but in FKK clubs the money transaction happens after the session. This puts a lot of pressure on the girls, especially since they can be brought to management any time a customer complains. They could be denied the money if they don’t perform well in the room.

Clients can complain in other types of brothels too, but the money was already exchanged before the session. This is important when it comes to saving the integrity of the girls and the brothel.

Saunaclubs push some clubs out of the business

FKK clubs push out other brothels because of their sheer number and what they are offering. The most beautiful ladies often work in Saunaclubs and that is the only place mongers can meet them. They are constantly topless and customers see everything before having to pay. This is a problem in its own, as many people prefer undressing the girls and leaving a little mystery for the room. The girls also have a problem with it, as their dignity is once again trampled on.

The huge number of FKK clubs also makes finding other brothels a challenging task. Finding a high quality regular gentlemen’s club in Germany is hard and even impossible in some regions. Some mongers do not want to walk around in a bath robe or with a towel around their waist and be surrounded by hundreds of 50€ paying ice bears.

There are also many owners of regular brothels who cannot transform their club into an FKK. The size of the establishment might be too small or maybe changes cannot be made to the building. The location of the club is also very important. This puts a lot of pressure on every sex business owner in Germany.

FKK clubs require a large number of girls

The whole concept of Saunaclubs revolves around guys choosing from hundreds of girls, which means that all FKK clubs need to have a large number of girls available. In order for the opening event to be successful, the ladies need to be organized, which is mostly done by the pimps. This gives pimp organizations a lot of power and influence. The more girls a pimp operates; the more influence he has. This is mainly due to the demand for girls that FKKs have. This leads to the pimps having way too much undeserved power.

Girls in one of the Best Saunaclubs in Vienna, FKK Saunaclub Goldentime

Girls in FKK Goldentime, Vienna

FKK clubs are judged by quantity over quality

Logically, a hundred girls are more impressive than 25, but in reality a group of guys can easily find the right one even when choosing between 20 or 30 girls. Additionally, as FKK clubs basically take any lady they can find, clients have an easier time finding true beauties in regular clubs and brothels where there’s a smaller selection of good looking girls.

The huge competition is also a major problem for the girls who work in Saunaclubs too. As they have to pay an entry fee too, they need to play catch-up almost always until they had at least three customers for them to actually make some money. They have to offer super high quality services for only 50€. If the male customers do not like something, they can simply “Next” them, as they have a plethora of other sex workers to choose from.

Saunaclubs take the romance out of the experience

Even though most people go to a brothel to simply have sex, many feel at least something towards the girls until the session or the evening lasts. In FKK clubs, most girls go from client-to-client, kissing and licking every single part of their bodies. Seeing the selected girl kiss and go to a room with another guy might be a turn-off for many. And who would want to kiss a girl who was just with another guy, doing God knows what. Also, girls who do not offer deep French kissing are almost not competitive.


Hopefully, now you are able to understand the negative impacts of FKK clubs on sex scene. Not only that they are not concerned about the girls and their working conditions, but they also ruin the experience of exploring different brothel options. They also use immigrant labor and very cheap prices, which makes the girls hate their jobs, as they don’t get the money that they deserve.

While FKK clubs or Saunaclubs should be something that anybody can choose to experience, it cannot be the only option that we have as mongers. Being able to choose from different brothels and legal prostitution establishments must stay in practice as having FKK clubs as our only option would surely kill the prostitution industry sooner or later.

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