Sex doll in Kontakthof 1

The whole idea of using a sex doll in Vienna came from a brothel in Barcelona that started this experiment. We heard about this in the spring of 2017, but there were no news about the success of this business idea since then. If you want to learn more about that story, read the full Huffington Post article about it.

Kontakthof copied this business model and became viral because of it. Allegedly, Goldentime Vienna bought one of these sex dolls too, but never started using it. This might be due to hygiene requirements or various other reasons.

sex doll Fanny on a bed in brothel Kontakthof 1, Vienna

Fanny, the sex doll in Kontakthof 1

Kontakthof 1 is the first brothel that started offering a sex doll in Vienna. The realistic doll resembles a young girls with huge breasts. She was named Fanny and she “works” alongside real prostitutes in the establishment. An hour with Fanny will cost you €80. Naturally, the sex doll is on the top of the brothel’s website and she has the most images too. As you can see from the pictures, she is very lifelike and quite attractive.

One of these dolls costs around €8,000. This might be a worthy investment, if we believe the rumors surrounding the story. According to media outlets, more and more people are interested in having sex with Fanny, the sex doll.

Do people prefer this sex doll in Vienna to real prostitutes?

According to the numerous reports on this story, many people prefer Fanny to real prostitutes. But how could this be possible? A plastic doll that’s better than real flesh and blood?

Kontakthof got a lot of attention because of how media outlets portrayed the story. In my opinion, this is just exaggeration and media noise. A sex doll can never be as good as the real deal, no matter how realistic that doll is. After all, you can find prostitutes who are willing to do seemingly anything for money. This was a nice try from them, but we don’t buy it.

Why would people want to have sex with a sex doll?

The most obvious reason for having sex with a sex doll would be that these people are shy and intimidated by girls. They might also do this because a sex doll can never hurt their feelings.

Sex dolls are also something that’s completely new that was never before offered. There are no taboo services, Fanny never complains, doesn’t scam or has “off-days”. She is on top of her game each and every time. Having sex with this doll doesn’t count as cheating either, so it could also be a factor.

According to the website, the doll is thoroughly cleaned after each session. However, the owner of the brothel didn’t go into the specifics of cleaning Fanny.

A second sex doll in Kontakthof 1

It seems like due to popular demand, Kontakthof 1 has decided to order a second sex doll. This means that they are expecting this trend to stay. Of course, if it’s true how popular it became, this is a smart move from their part. The second sex doll in Vienna is yet to be named, but she will be an upgraded version of Fanny.

Kontakthof 1 brothel in Vienna

Kontakthof 1 in Vienna

Will other brothels in Wien start using sex dolls?

I do not think having sex with sex dolls is going to become the norm. I doubt that other brothels will go down the same road. Since there has been no news about the success of the brothel in Barcelona, the idea might be destined to fail.

According to our secret sources, Maxim and Babylon have not shown interest in the idea whatsoever. The reasons are still unknown.


If Fanny is as popular as the media set it up to be, this second doll will be beneficial for Kontakthof. However, I personally think that this is a passing trend and that it’s not going to be around for a very long time. Since there’s no concrete proof of this business idea working, it might just be media noise after all.

If you want to read further into this subject, we recommend you check out this Daily Mail article. We also recommend heading over to our forums and taking a look at the thread about this sex doll here:

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