Biggest Flops of August 2015

Scammers in Vienna, August 2015

There are a lot of sexworking girls who do not have any respect for their clients. They steal and lie about their services and they should be avoided! Let’s take a look at the biggest scammers in Vienna, August 2015.

August, the month that almost everyone loves. While in most high-profile sex clubs or sex bars summer (or August) is equivalent to losing their most-desired girls (most of them going home for a vacation), for other studios this is the month of fresh-girls.

But fresh and new girls doesn’t always mean it’s for the better. August has delivered us some scam highlights we’re going to talk about to the extent of our knowledge.

So, let’s take a look and see who you should be AVOIDING:

1. Miruna

Miruna from Studio Mayergasse 5

Miruna works in a very cheap studio AO chain, at the moment being available in Studio Mayergasse 5. Other studios belonging to this chain are: Am Tabor 15 1020 Wien, Markgraf- Rüdiger-Straße 29 1150 close to Lugner City.

The prices in this studio AO chain starts at 40€ for AO Sex, but let’s talk about Miruna’s ad. A rough translation would be: “I cannot wait to feel your hard cock.” When in fact (as reported in the ErotikForum) you cannot touch her anywhere because she claims to be ticklish or that it hurts, depending on the area you want to touch.

The photos she has in the ad are definitely better than the real thing, although some could find her attractive in a way: her tits may be nice but she’s got a pretty soft ass (untypical for a Romanian girl). So much for her looks which are all in all good but not as good as in the pictures. When it comes to her service qualities this is where she reveals not being cut OUT for the job. Her blowjob is very superficial and during sex she’s having pain in every position. Clearly she’s not cut for the job.

Licking’s not possible at all, she doesn’t like it. CIP (cum in pussy) also not possible, although it’s usually the standard within this Studio chain.

Actually, one report claimed that she wanted to use her mobile phone during the sex session, showing absolutely no respect for her client.

All in all, Miruna is a huuuge warning even though the 40€ would not set you back that much. She really is just a waste of time, as far as recent reports tell us.

2. Karla

Karla from Studio Arnsteingasse 30

Formerly known as Andrea, Karla works at the moment in Studio Arnsteingasse 30 1150 Wien, but she has been working in Vienna for at least 3-4 years. Karla was first spotted in NWB (Nordwestbahnstraße, also called “Die rote Meile”) where she worked alongside other girls like Simona.

Simona from Mayergasse 5

Karla was never particularly very popular but the AO service (and even anal) that she offered got her the clientele she needed. However, service wise Karla was always marginal, as it was reported. Not only this, but she was really moody to an extent that made her seem unfriendly.

In between, Karla has worked in Märzstraße 150, sometimes she can be reached in Herklotzgasse 5a – 1150 so she is swapping studios regularly.

Just as Miruna, Karla is to be avoided due to her marginal service and moody swings.

3. Jenny

Jenny from Czerningasse 1

Jenny offers pretty much everything you can think of: anal, AO, whatever. On the down side, she’s unfriendly, not active in the room, lacking communication skills.

Lack of hygiene seems not to be an issue for Jenny, her teeth are a total disaster (some guy in EF even compared them to Gollum’s which speaks volumes about how bad they must be).

However, Jenny’s main issues are, according to ErotikForum reports: no ENG or GER knowledge (making communication impossible, unless a colleague is there to translate), doesn’t seem to enjoy the act of sex itself, promising various service in the ad and failing to deliver once the client’s in the room and the occasional upselling of her service.

Jenny has worked before in Studio Jurekgasse and Rögergasse. At the moment, Jenny has been in Czerningasse for months already so maybe she’s there to stay.

One last thing that could be said about Jenny (at the moment) is that she sometimes takes part in AO gangbangs parties in these studios. The price for these parties is 100€ per day, AO being charged as an extra 50€ and anal as well 50€. You can have sex with all the girls present at these parties, usually between 2 and 4.

4. Bianca

Bianca from Juchgasse 36A

Bianca, is the anal princess, according to her ad. Actually, everything that’s written in her ad is promising all kinds of dirty stuff, making it seem like she actually wants it.

When the reality is totally different: she’s not hygienic at all, tits are hanging, badly shaved, not friendly at all and service wise she’s not really a performer: wants it done and over with as quickly as possible (which is totally understandable given those cheap rates and AO service offering).

Bianca is offering everything: AO, anal, you name it. She’s to be found in Juchgasse 36A 1030 Wien. Actually, she’s to be avoided if found!

Those are all the scammers in Vienna, August 2015. There will be more in the months and years to come and we will keep you updated. Whenever a new scamming girl appears on our radar, we will inform you.

Here is the Sex-Vienna thread if you would like to add your opinion or ask something about the subject:

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