The TerminPornBabes Residenz closed

TerminPornBabes Residenz closed!

In the center of Vienna, the TerminPornBabes Residenz closed shop. Reasons are unclear as to why this has happened all of a sudden and we can only speculate and analyze. We assume that the main reason might be that they never bloom as a business, and they let a few bad months get to them.

Real Pornstars in the center of Vienna?

The sheer concept of offering pornstars in the center of Vienna sounded brilliantly on paper, but in order to make it in a competitive area which is the Vienna center it would have been necessary to supply real pornstars on a regular basis. And although they had a portfolio of real pornstars, they had to mix in many so called fashion models and a few second rate porn actresses.

Don’t get it wrong, almost all of their girls were hot, but too few pornstars to make it matter. Also, we can only assume that their real pornstars expected to make more money than they actually did and quickly decided to not return after a week and sometimes left after only a few days in the Residenz.

High prices and lots of extra charges, all for an in-and-out system!

As prices go, they were pretty decent, for the center of Vienna, but higher than the average. However, the prices were inconsistent since some girls charged more than others (which is okay in general, but people don’t like it that much). Also, there was a pricelist for extra charges which included blowjob without a condom and kissing, making the experience a potentially very expensive one. This might have been the biggest cause for getting TerminPornBabes Residenz closed.

The interieur of the club was more luxurious than that of other sex clubs in Vienna, but it paled when it was associated with second rate entertainment and marketing. Also, the in-and-out character of the system was not that appealing to everybody (since there are many guys out there who want to have a nice, longer evening out and enjoy a few drinks before deciding which girl to pick).

Marketing done properly? Or poorly?

Termin Pornbabes' Mini Van

Another thing, apart from making the real pornstars come back to the Residenz (which they failed), that could’ve got them out of this slump: an aggressive marketing strategy. And they did try it, with advertising mini-vans in front of the best hotels in the center of Vienna,,1061315, but with no success (except the fact that they got covered in a couple of news reports). As the report says, their mini-vans were exhibiting naked hotties, advertising for the sex club. Not even fines or parking claws could end this advertising stunt. However, this stunt was the only one up their sleeve and not enough for the already-established pay sex market in the center of Vienna.

Conclusion. What will TermoPornBabes do in the future?

So, to sum it up: the system was an inconsistent mess and not very well thought through for the Vienna pay sex market. With more transparency, flexibility and a good and modern marketing strategy, this (in theory) great venture could’ve worked.

Of course, they still have the villa in Brunn am Gebirge, which was always open and doing ok. Even though real pornstars aren’t really coming here too, it is not in the center of Vienna and therefore an easier market to corner, with wealthy people around nonetheless.

Although their attempt to make it inside of Vienna (while competing with top places such as Maxim Wien, Babylon and the overly priced Ninabar) was unsuccessful, they’re still one of the best sex studios in Vienna: Best Sex Studios in Vienna.

Perhaps we’ll see more out of this studio after they rethink their whole approach and strategy. Until then, the situation stays; TerminPornBabes Residenz closed their gates.

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