Joy & Annabelle – Blackie Duo From Maxim

Joy & Annabelle: black girls in Maxim

I love darker ladies and these two black girls in Maxim have made my day so much better. They are the perfect combination for anybody who likes black girls and this review will tell you exactly why.

Earlier this week, I went to Maxim for a little fun. Was in the mood for some fun in the Jacuzzi room, so I e-mailed them beforehand, asking for a discount (something you can do as a returning customer, not as a first timer) just out of curiosity, not to save money (although that’s not a bad thing too). I received an e-mail back after a few hours with a thank-you note for the business and the discount I asked for.

The BFF black girls in Maxim

When I arrived at Maxim, later that day, I could see a fair amount of girls, not too many, maybe 12 or 13 (perhaps the others were busy). I noticed that both Joy and Annabelle were there as well (the two blackies from Maxim Wien whom I’ve never seen together in the same day), with Joy dancing on the stage and Annabelle sitting at the bar. I took the seat next to Annabelle and asked her why she didn’t dance alongside Joy on the stage. She said that although they’re BFFs, she isn’t that much into dancing, unlike Joy. From there on we started to talk more and things got pretty funny and sexy at the same time.

Joy and Annabelle, a pleasure to talk and flirt with.

After Joy was done with her dancing, I decided to take a sit at the nearby table, order a bottle of champagne and keep the conversation going. Both of the girls are from Nigeria, although they talk in English to each other. It sounded a bit weird to me (considering that most sexworking girls talk to each other in their native tongue), however they told to me that in Nigeria there are hundreds, maybe thousands of dialects and they wouldn’t understand each other so well without using English.

Both blackies are super pretty, just as Marcus (you know him as the owner of this blog) told me a while back. Between the two, Annabelle’s prettier (can be even compared with Naomi Campbell body wise and the face too), the elegant part of the duo, while Joy has this boyish tomcat personality, always ready to joke around and talk non-stop. They both are sexy in a unique way, I had a lot of fun with the both of them, they are a dynamic duo and we had a blast. I can only recommend this combo.

Annabelle and Joy black girls

The fun continues in the Jacuzzi Room

After more laughs and flirting, we took what was left from the champagne bottle and went to the Jacuzzi room to continue the fun (or start the real fun, as I like to say). I have to say that this is what I like about blackies, how they express their sexuality and desires.

One of the rooms with Jacuzzi

The chemistry built at the table with the alcohol was helpful also in the room where the flirting and the fun perfectly transitioned into grabbing, groping, teasing and finally sex. To put it more simply: a nice little threesome. It was like I was part of an OREO cookie (and I love Oreos!), with two beautiful black girls all over me, a white guy, touching me all over the place.

The sex was great, Joy started with an erotic massage, only to let Annabelle blow me. Soon, they took turns sucking me and I have to admit, it felt great to see two blackies playing with me. I then took turns fucking each of them from behind while they were playing with each other. After I was done, we all had one more laugh and then I was on my way.


In conclusion, I highly recommend booking the two black girls in Maxim (especially together, for an OREO threesome) since I’ve had nothing but fun with them.

Other Pros: I got a discount without a hassle; the girls were in a good mood; both of the girls were also smart and good talkers, not only flirting all the time;

Rating: 9/10

Before I left (the girls got me really tired), I figured to take 5 more minutes to go and personally thank the manager for the discount and to give him my regards. To be honest, 5 minutes turned into 20, always good talking to him.

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