Roxi the Sweatheart from Maxim Wien

Now it’s time I spoke about the girl I actually went and did that night, when  I visited Maxim Wien. She was young, pretty, cute. and not to mention “talented”.

As I said  in previous posts I don’t actually have a “type” of woman for which I fall instantly. I can be aroused in the right conditions by just about any woman well not any I get an antierection from old women and fat women. I  have moods and my moods  dictate my sexual desires. That particular night I wanted something simple but great. I was in the mood for a brunet, this time  I wanted something special young and fragile.I didn’t want anything kinky I had my fill last time…. I just need a young muffin on my hard stick.

At Nightclub Maxim

What I like about Maxim is that it doesn’t look much like a brothel as it looks like a club with beauties struting up and down.  That night in particular night there were girls dancing. I went to the bar and ordered scotch I wanted something to take me to the special place.

It was a full house, I tried talking to the barman if there were any particular hot “items” that night. He told me about Roxi, the girl would go on the pole that night and do a show. He said she was all I wanted, young (barely 19), nice and sexy, he said she didn’t have any body fat. I was curious to see if she was indeed what he made her out. Could she be the one? The one I needed that night? Could she do what I needed her to?

I lay there on the high chair waiting to see her going on stage. I ordered a beer, I started sipping from it slowly. I began feeling it getting in my throat. She made her appearance, she was wearing a bra and a pair of panties but that was it.

First Glimpse of Roxi

Roxi approached the hard piece of metal and started moving her legs up and down on it. Sometimes she would go behind it. I started starring at her making eye contact. Something was getting harder. I saw how she moved her black hair on stage. How her young wrinkle free face was touched by the colored lights at maxim. Her breasts looked as if they were ready to rip her bra off.

Talking with Roxi and Having Sex with Roxi

My constant eye contact paid off. After she finished her routine she went out, I think to shower and when she returned she began talking to me. That was what I wanted, she wanted a glass of bobbly I was more than happy to give it to her. Indeed she was all that I expected. We started talking about the price the time. She said it would cost me 120 euro half an hour bla, bla, bla when I want to get laid I always have 200 euro’s ready if it’s over that amount I start hearing what she says. I agreed, we went upstairs together. I took her by the hand but she didn’t refuse.

Roxi in Sexclub Maxim Wien's lobby

I kissed her when we came up, then I jumped into the shower. She was rather quite didn’t speak too much and didn’t seem to be as sure of herself as she was on stage, she was a bit shy I think. She even knocked at the door when I was showering and came in. She started massaging my back with some shower gel. She was gentle and soft, I think we kissed one more time. Then I washed her, and both of us went together. We lay on the white sheets, she went down on me, I felt her wet mouth touching my hard flesh. She was gentle, I can’t say I heard a gag nor did I want to hear one. Anyway she could have been terrible at giving head, but she wasn’t  After a while I went down on her, she was good I started getting her nice and ready. I think I must have done something good she did some great sounds.

Then I couldn’t take it anymore I placed a condom on, was good to go.  I went into her, It felt so good… I lost myself, took her into my arms as I was doing her missionary style. I kept her tight, I did her doggy style as well then it happened. All of a sudden I felt it… I came.

Roxi’s After Treatment

We must have talked for about 10 minutes, I found out she was Romanian. That country produces so many beauties it’s almost like a factory. I would recommend her to anybody, just go and enjoy her while she still works at Maxim,  you don’t want to lose her in Vienna. :D

About Maxim Wien

Sex Club and Night Club Maxim Wien

Kärntner Str. 61, 1010 Vienna, Austria

+43 699 17172031

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