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Sometimes, late at night, I find myself going bar hopping trough Vienna, there are times in which some beautiful girl falls into my lap and we end up in a hotel or at my flat. There are times when I’m horny and yet nobody is there to take care of my “needs” as you know I’m no stranger to paid sex. I don’t care sex is sex, love is love. There’s little I can do about love but sex you can buy, and oh boy can it be sweet. I oftne find myself going to Maxim Wien, when I need “gratification”.

In a city like Vienna, variety truly is the spice of life. There are so many sexual experiences to be had, you have to be a fool not to try them, or extremely poor. If you so happen to like perversions you know from my previous posts about  Nina and Rinata you can find the right woman for you, then again as I said often one requires some simple delicate sex with a good woman who knows how to treat you right.

Maxim Wien – the interior

Whenever I want some good old-fashioned sex I turn to the nightclub Maxim Wien. The place is not just a place to pay for sex but a strip joint and party club at times. The nightclub is situated right in the center of Vienna, so don’t expect some secret dark alley in the middle of nowhere. This can be bad if you desire to be discrete, but the club does its best not to be conspicuous, in fact the nightclub’s signature color is blue, and it looks nothing like a brothel. I would say that from the exterior it looks like any good club.  Something else that I find good about the club is the way it looks.

Though I have my own reservations when it comes to faux white leather couches, I have to admit that they work quit well when the light shines on them. The effect is made so well that it makes the furniture change color instantly.

The bar offers the usual drinks  you would expect at a such a place, beer, shots, scotch, etc. I  drink alone but often I find myself chating  to Maxim nightclub girls I was about to take up to the rooms. Perhaps, now you’re curious to know just how good the banging places are. Well, I can say one thing they aren’t too much and they aren’t tool litle either, they offer just what you need a good bed, nice showers and more than enough space to try whatever position you might fancy. Personally, I dislike places that are over the top and places that offer the bare minimum, Maxim manages to be in the exact place that I enjoy.

The only thing that will ever take my eyes off the girls is the DJ who also sings at times. Though I have heard better and worst, I have to cut them some slack for hiring a singer. Apart from the DJ, the staff is also highly polite and really I can’t say a bad word about them :D, a stay at Maxim nightclub will be a great one.  However, the music, the atmosphere, even the decent staff are all worthless if the central piece is not lavishing.

Interiour of Maxim Wien

Maxim Wien – the girls

The girls from Maxim know their craft but they aren’t necessarily career girl, they tend to be young under 30, and as is the case with most venues they’re also foreign. There’s something for almost anybody there.

Many of them are from Romania but I have seen the occasional African. The girls are not ugly spinsters waiting to milk you. You can have a nice conversation with them, the ones I have had also offered me a rather good after treatment. I remember when I went there for the first time and I saw all of these wonderful girls moving around, waiting there to be taken up. I was somewhat overwhelmed. None of them are dirty, and more importantly, there are no FATTIES all of them are slim. Bellow ia are some of the Maxim women you can find a complete gallary of them on the website.


The club also has a discount system in place. Though it has proven to be somewhat tricky to reach, you have three kinds of coupons to choose from, two of them offer a drink discount and the third offers you a discount at the room. The club is however dedicated to improvement so I expect that, in the not too distant future, the club will improve its discount system.

Currently, the club offers a free drinks if you like them on FB and subscribe to their newsletter and if you register your erotic forum username expect to get a room discount.


The club is a great place to be in, it aims to please even the most pretentious people. So go and enjoy them. Not to forget all of the girls can be booked as escots and the prices are:

30mins = 120€
60mins = 200€
60 mins Jacuzzi Room: 250€

Their website is  https://maxim-wien.com

About Maxim Wien

Sex Club and Night Club Maxim Wien

Kärntner Str. 61, 1010 Vienna, Austria

+43 699 17172031


Maxim Wien review

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