18 year old stunner Giulia in Nightclub MAXIM Wien

My favorite Brothel in Vienna – Maxim again and it ain’t boring yet…

Vienna Brothel, Sex in ViennaOn any given Sunday when I wake up I usually have a headache and a vivid memory of some pretty girl that I either picked up at a bar, disco, or brothel or where ever. If I fail to pick one up which starts to happen more often than not I tend to fall into Maxim in the morning because I know that they often keep its doors wide open even after 6am in the morning and just as often some girls are still there to book and ready for me to take them to the room.

Such a bad case of horny

This morning, or if you want you can call it last night, I had a bad case of horny and in the Vienna discos I was as unsuccessful as it gets so I really hadn’t much of a choice and aimed for Maxim at close to 6 – which is when they would close down for the week in theory. Luckily enough it was still open and I dash in to see what my choices were. The bar was full and everybody was in motion which is cool in a way but then again I was hoping to get some late action and many girls to choose from but there were lots of people still there with the same case of horny that I had. As the regular customer that I have become lately I went straight to the junior boss to greet him and then to the waiter with a beard (for the sake of his privacy I will not mention his name but he is the fatter one of the 2) to get some advice. The gist of our small talk was that he’ll take care of me for sure but that I would have to wait as he definitely wanted to introduce me to this new hottie that he said I simply HAD TO HOOK UP with.

If you know my blog, then you know that I have had a few girls in Maxim already and I was already tending a lot to book Raisa again so I was struggling with myself about what to do. Raisa would have been a save choice. I know her, she knows me and a certain level of service with this fine beauty would have been guaranteed. But since the waiter had almost insisted that I let him make the choice for me this time made me curious enough to take the risk of going home orgasm-less, take my chances and wait for this girl.

The wait for the yet unknown Giulia

Usually waiting in Maxim for a girl is not that bad since girls dance on stage a lot there and you can always chat with the other girls, the waiter or the bar women, if they have time for you. This morning, unfortunately, everybody was too busy so I had to mind my own business. Tried to chat a bit with other guys that were there but they turned out to be jackasses mostly so I got back to waiting.

Also Jango, the Maxim DJ, was about to leave so the only entertainment while waiting was my Gin Tonic plus the coffee that I ordered and watching the scenes and action going down in Maxim. The drunker you are, the sexier the girls become, which is a general rule, but even sober the girls are sexy enough at the moment. One can only congratulate the Maxim team for their taste and skill in acquisition. The senior boss was also there by the way but I don’t know him at all and I wouldn’t interrupt the discussion he had with the junior, it seemed important. Then Giulia came back down from the room…

Entering Giulia

Nightclub Sex ViennaYeah, I know, you will wonder why in my blog posts the girls are always entering the scene and don’t sit or dance there all along but that is just my luck.

So this girl without a name, whose name – as I would find out just a bit later – is Guila, came down and made me realise… the wait may have been worth it. She is not better looking than Raisa or Barby but she is definitely hot and has a great rack. Let me give you Giulia’s gallery on the Maxim website to look at so you can decide for yourself.

When I saw her I waived her to come over to me but the client she just had been with was coming down after her and she made me understand that I had to wait a bit more. I liked how she gave him the polite after treatment which I know is not common everywhere and with every girl. She brought him down, talked a bit more with him and made him feel comfortable… or so it seemed.

For those of you who are not familiar with nailing prostitutes or – the better politically correct term – sexworkers may wonder why I mention the after treatment. It is such a bummer if you come back from the room with the girl you just hooked up with and she just drops you because the deed is done you have no further worth for the girl. It is reality and it sucks. So if a girl gives you a nice after treatment this is first of all seldom and secondly much more satisfying. After her client had left she went over to the waiter and asked something and he must’ve told her to come to me because she came straight over after that and greeted me very warmly and introduced herself.

To give you an idea of what this girl is like, please look at the images and let me tell you that Giulia…

  1. …smells great
  2. …has a super firm body that is incredibly hot
  3. …is a bit short but if she were taller, she’d almost be in the league of catwalk models
  4. …has a sexy wide smile with perfect white teeth
  5. …is immature and very young also in her mind
  6. …made me hornier than ever because she simply didn’t kid around. She knew I was there for the sex and she made it clear that changing my mind was not an option.

Let’s drink something?

I knew that she expected me to buy her a drink so I asked her immediately but she insisted we take the drinks up to the room and not waste any valuable time. Granted, it was after 6am and I guess there were more guys waiting for her. I agreed and bought a small champagne and a double Tequila for me and paid my bill.

Going up the stairs I asked her a few things and found out she was there just her 3rd day and she also told me that she still had to get accustomed to the new bar as where she worked before the bar was smaller and not that many pretty girls there. That basically meant that in Maxim she is not the star anymore that she used to be in the other bars she worked at. She is 18 though, in how many bars could she have worked…

 Guilia and finally: the sexual act

Brothel Sex ViennaI don’t know if she is perfectly trained or really likes sex. Or maybe she liked me. You punters out there are probably very familiar with the abbreviation GFE and the term Girlfriend Experience. GFE is something that many people want and that you can easily get in Vienna but not that easily with the hottest 18 year old girls. Giulia is pure GFE  the moment we were out of the other people’s sight. Even before I had the chance to act at all she was already on it undressing me and feeling me up. I repeat: She was feeling me up and not me her at first which is the usual modus operandi. It was so hot and I was so ready but at that hour a shower was a must and stopped her and asked her to let me breathe for a second to get a quick shower and she agreed to come with me although she was surely perfectly fresh. Showering with the babe you will soon nail is a great thing and a bonus that you don’t always get. Giulia in the room is the full package. She is so hot and pretty and she acts in a great way that made me believe she wanted me badly too. I am not an idiot, I know the hows and whens but she acted perfectly and made my stay with her unforgettable. Her breasts and her ass are awesome and she a very clean girl that always smiles and makes jokes.

I got all I wanted and not a single time she asked for extra money or a tip. Kissing, blowjob bareback, cunnilingus and everything except Anal were included in the basic price for the room. As I know it is up to the girls if they charge for extras or not. She didn’t and she gave her all. I never come early. I always use almost every minute of the time that I book but she made me come early, I couldn’t hold it, I couldn’t wait.

Had I booked a full hour, I am sure I would’ve come a second time easily. And this is not easy for me under usual circumstances.

This was my best Maxim experience so far and money very well spent.

If you want my best tip for sex in Vienna with a beauty. It is definitely Giulia. Today Maxim is closed. It is Sunday. If it were open I would book her again at 9pm sharp when they open. I even feel like booking her for 2 hours escort but I probably won’t. I am still uncomfortable with letting hookers into my house although I have done it of course. But I know if I book her, it won’t feel at all like having a hooker at home. It will feel like the girlfriend or better yet, the booty call has just arrived.

The After Treatment

She offered it but to be fair to the other guys that already waited, I decided with a heavy heart to simply leave and let the experience sink in. I know that she would have been super nice until I eventually had left. I waived good bye to the staff, every one was very busy, must have been a hell of a night. There were at least 10 more customers there and 4-5 girls and maybe some more of them in the rooms. I am glad, the Maxim gets the biz it deserves. With all the mistakes they sometimes make, it is an honest and great brothel in the centre of town.

Brothel Vienna Sex

Giulia the summary – final thoughts

  • exactly my type of girl
  • GFE to the extreme
  • awesome body
  • all natural
  • 18 years old and still so affectionate
  • an amazing smile

Giulia is a 10/10

My advice: go out and nail Giulia in Maxim before she changes the club or leaves the country.

UPDATE: 28.03.2013 – Giulia is back in Nightclub Maxim Wien

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