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Maxim yet again

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The Nightclub Maxim is a brothel in Vienna which I appreciate a lot since it has a unique Lounge style on the one hand, but on the other hand it is a pretty easy-going place to hang if you have nothing else to do. The girls at Nightclub Maxim are usually gorgeous and if you go on a night when no girl that meets your taste is there, you can simply leave and come back another time. That is seldom the case and at least to me it hasn’t happened yet. The summer lineup wasn’t as great, though, as it is now.

I have been there quite a lot before the summer and also during the summer. I was in the room with

  1. Adina, the girl that I would love to screw so much again but from what I hear, she stopped working for good
  2. Barby, who I call the body and finally
  3. Raisa who Iwas dreaming about for a long time since I saw her photos on the web the first time. Today I want to write about Raisa, Barby’s review will follow at a later stage.

Raisa – I am on a mission

I entered Maxim quite early on a Wednesday evening because I had my mind set on going with her and nobody should take hwer away that day. To be honest I was also quite psyched because the day before I had a good experience with a similar looking girl as far as the body is concerned. You can read about my date with Anita in the Peepshow here, I wrote it today as well and both dates are current and vivid in my head :)

So I came there early and sat down at the bar, ordered a beer this time and had some chit-chat with the bar woman who, as always, wasn’t too talkative. The barmen, Edwin,was still busy fetching the drinks from the back of the bar so no chit-chat with him this time. Screw it, I wasn’t there for chit-chat and getting drunk, I wanted just some good and plain and straight forward sex with a stunner, a perfect 10.

A couple of girls came to me, one of which was Barby who thought she might get lucky with me that day again but I had to disappoint her and I clearly told her that I want Raisa. Since Ididn’t see her I asked Barby if she would get her for me which, in hindsight, was a bit in bad taste but when the blood is stuck in centre of  body, I shall be excused for the fail. Barby made a face of acted jealousy and agreed to get her for me not without making me regret it instantly by her look. I was a wee bit worried as I had never talked to her before in person because every time I was there, I was either too drunk, she was busy with another guest or she wasn’t there at all when I was. As far as I was told, she had spent all summer in her home in Romania and had just come back.

Finally – Entering Raisa

It took a while until she eventually came from the backstage part of the bar and came straight to me. So Barby had told her after all that I had waited.

My fears that she might be the colder type of girl were not without reason. She cannot be compared to a vivid girl like Barby or a very soft teenager like Adina. Raisa is not gonna be direct, warm and all over you from the getgo. I think she simply is not like that. This may be insecurity or it could be that she has a boyfriend or maybe she just wasn’t that much into me. The good thing was that she also is not trying to push getting champagne drinks that much. She is asking for it and she is usually getting it, because she looks amazing but she is not gonna insist on it until she drops dead. So all in all she is an interesting and quiet kind of girl that is not fancy at all and for sure not arrogant. As I learned later on she is very shy and unsure about her effect on men.

If you have read my other blog post today about the unreal body of Anita and if you thought that this can’t ever be topped, think again. Raisa’s body is better. The tits are a bit smaller but even firmer and the figure is even tighter than Anita’s which shows the signs of a life with very little sport.

Raisa’s body

I am not gonna say much at this point, just look at the pics…

The conversation with Raisa at the bar

So I am there close to her anticipating my dick finally where I wanted it for months and I am all out of words which I never am. I guess I wasn’t drunk enough but I was there with her, looking at her and just staring. After a minute of staring back at me she laughed and this was surreal as I thought she can’t laugh. This was the ignition that I needed and I finally had found a topic; her seldom smile and her white teeth. Teeth, by the way, are always an interesting topic with young RO girls because most of them have bad teeth. I blame all the bread they eat 24/7 but maybe it is something else.

So I signal her that I am interested in what she did over the summer and why she gives everyone the arrogant look and all. That was when I ordered a small champagne for her, which she hadn’t expected anymore because I had refused before. Although I wanted to nail her so bad, I now wanted to get deeper and see if I can get her to open up. At this point I have to explain that when I say “open up” I mean starting to get a flirt and reflirt going. But differently. There are girls who you have to provoke, sometimes even insult to get the feedback that you want from them. With Raisa, I felt, that was a different scenario and I was eager to play it while I sat there with her. So I made her some compliments but not the ones that she usually hears but the sneaky ones.

Another good thing about Raisa, I found, was the fact that she doesn’t drink the small champagne in 10 minutes. she gives it some time, probably due to the fact that she doesn’t seem to be a big drinker in general.

So she stayed with me a bit less than an hour which was an OK time to really warm up to her and get the feel for what was to come next. I insisted on going to the room with her immediately, no more questions about further drink invitations allowed. I paid the 30mins, needless to say that I got the inevitable instruction, that if I would want to prolongue the date with her in the room, a second fee for 30 mins would be more expensive than taking the full hour right away… So the half hour it was and in retrospect, it is enough most of the time. With any girl, not only with Raisa for that matter. So I paid the 120, the drinks I had paid already before and we went upstairs to room number 5 which is the biggest one of the simple rooms.

Raisa and the sexual act

We were in a good mood up there and had a laugh throughout the undressing act. I told her to undress me and I would undress her… well, I won’t write everything that happened but I had once again done good in showing an interest in her life. She was a pleaser that night. I was a pleaser too but I am a pleaser any day. I took it all slow, very slow as I already knew that she most likely usually gets nailed like only a sledgehammer can. The body is just too awesome, I am sure most people come and fire away in the first 10 minutes. I would have normally but on that day I was better than that.

Raisa the summary – final thoughts

  • You cannot expect to get the full and unlimited GFE with her. She is not that kind of girl.
  • You should not mistake her cool exterior with one of an arrogant lady. Au contraire, she is lovely but shy and insecure. How a stunner like her can be insecure is beyond me but that is my observation
  • Do not hammer away with her unless you want all gates to be closed
  • She has the greatest long hair way down to her ass – I confess, I tried to unload my load in her hair but she forbid it :)
  • if you want open gates then take it slow and show that you can enjoy a woman for what she has too offer
  • make her understand that there is more to her and that you know it
  • do not expect a dirty slut, she is the opposite – (if you want a dirty slut, I was told that I have to try Nicky, but she is not my type AT ALL, although her dance is quite neat)

Raisa is a 9/10

All Maxim Girls can also be booked for hotel and home escort. Prices will set you back between 200 – 250€ per hour depending on the time of day.


We’ve noticed that numerous viewers are interested in this article from a fellow Vienna punter forum. We decided to add an update section to this Raisa review, to let people know what she’s up to in 2017.

  • Raisa is currently working in Maxim; here’s her Maxim profile
  • She looks just as good as 5 years ago, and some would argue that she looks even better now.
  • Back then, Raisa had black hair, but now she is a blonde. Her hair isn’t as long as it used to be either.
  • Raisa is no longer a shy and insecure girl. She’s been working as a sexworker ever since this review was posted, so she is quite experienced by now.

Raisa was seen in multiple clubs in Vienna (including the notorious Evebar; check out our honest Evebar review) and she even worked in Switzerland for a while.

Maxim Wien Raisa
Raisa’s pictures from her Maxim profile

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