Maxim Girl Adina

Adina is how I roll – and how do you roll?

I don’t know about you and how you roll but I for one have a weakness for dirty sluts and porn stars. In light of that I am always and forever looking to find an opportunity to have my fun with pornstars if the opportunity arises. Luckily enough I was recently told about this bar in the centre where one of the dirtiest sluts I have ever seen is doing her business. The bar I am talking is the Maxim Nightclub which is so central, I wouldn’t have expected to find a brothel there. Also the name was kinda misleading but the website paints a clear picture.

So the girl I am referring to is Adina and she is well known – and most respected – for her amazing bukkake sessions for GGG Productions John Thomson. Let me show you a video so you know what I am talking about.

Adina’s videos

If that is not the horniest and dirtiest slut of all time then I shall be damned! :)

 Maxim Wien – the bar, the girls and Adina

Well to drive the story forward and come to the point I decided to make some time on one evening and drove over to the first district to visit this bar despite the fact that I was afraid I would have to spend lots to get a shot at nailing Adina. But when a man wants something, his boner often takes control and that was one of those evenings.

Arriving at Nightclub Maxim the entrance portal is big so you can’t miss it but the portal on the other hand is misleading in a way because it gives the impression you are going to a theatre or show bar instead of a brothel. What is a Varieté supposed to be anyway?

Well, I knew what I wanted so I headed down the stairs and placed myself at the bar, which is my usual modus operandi in any given place with a bar.

Lots of girls and a busy night obviously. It was a Thursday right after midnight and lots of people there of different origin it seemed. Maxim Wien has a kind of international flavour that you do not really see in the other bars I was to in Vienna. Vienna is great but let’s face it: the bar scene… not so much.

2 hot chicks came my way doing some small talk but were on a missioin impossible with me as I had only one target in mind but didn’t see her anywhere. “Her” as in Adina, of course.

After almost an hour of watching the show and getting drunk I spoke to one of the waiters, a middle aged tall guy from Austria and he told me that Adina was still in the room as the guy before me had prolongued his private time with her. Patience is a virtue as we both agreed and so I decided to wait but I told him to keep the other girls away from me as I wanted to save my load for Adina and Adina only. His English was not the best but he was nice enough and made a very good impression overall. Once again something that you do not necessarily expect in Vienna’s nightclub bar scene where most barmen are sleazy as hell. And don’t make me start on the bouncers – OMG what a bunch of LOSERS! яндекс

After more than 90 mins of waiting and enjoying the girl’s dancing on stage I saw Adina finally coming down the stairs back into the bar. She is a short girl as I knew from the videos and she is fairly skinny but with the high heels (that you don’t see that often in her porn) and the nice elegant dress she seemed not that dirty at all. I started to be a little bit disappointed at the beginning as I was in the mood for dirty as hell, if you know what I mean.

Adina – entering the scene

Me staring into her direction had probably already given away the fact that I wanted her and her only but the barmen brought her over to me immediately after she had drunk a glass of water.

So she sat down and started some small talk with me and that was surprisingly nice :) Well, I didn’t expect much from it but what can I say… she is a good talker and she likes to talk much and is nice and friendly.

After the getting to know each other part I asked her about what we would do up there in the room and she told me that movies are for money but the real sex (even though it is again for money, my money) doesn’t work that way. She doesn’t really want to have gallons of sperm and hordes of dicks in her face for her pleasure. She wants it nice and easy and when the time is right and trust is built, lots of things can happen. I am telling, while I am writing these lines, I have a hardon due to the memory of this encounter with Adina.

So we went up there and I had successfully defended myself from the bar woman that all of a sudden had come over to me and wanted to send us into the jacuzzi room. I didn’t have enough on me and I had already paid a drink for Adina so I didn’t want to overspend it really.

Finally in the room with Adina

Adina in the Maxim private room is a whole different thing from what you get in the bar and what you expect to get when you know her movies.

The door is closed and BOOOM, Adina is immediately on fire but in a gentle, girlfriend kind of way. Thousand kisses, hugs and touches. Hands and feet and mouth all over the place. Both of us in heavy heavy petting of the grabbing and groping kind. I wanted to get down on her to set the mood but no no no, she had to be first to go down. Seriously, she wouldn’t let me start so I let her have her way and she blew me fantastically. You know how it is that most girls have a technique and regardless of it being good or bad, they hardly change it over the course of their lives because they just don’t know any better. Well, Adina changes her style on the bone every other second. Slow, fast, hyper mode and then again with the hand and those looks into your eyes that go deep deep into you soul. Well, I am spinning here but that was what I felt that very moment.

So we are both on fire and now I want her to sit on my face and… well. The rest is hostory. This was a girlfriend sex experience, a wild one, like in the early stages of a relationship or like makeup sex sometimes is. It was classy and very fulfilling. It was easy to shoot twice. It isn’t always that easy but Adina has no problem with it. She has a great imagination and style.

If you are lucky to meet her, do not think twice and book her. If she is not available… you can still go to Maxim and enjoy the show or book another girl. They have awesome girls and an awesomely stylish interior that is clean and classy. Not pink or reddish brothel like. The rooms are nice too but fall a little short to the rest of the bar. The girls are the highlight. I was there on many more occasions and I will write about the one or the other experience in another post soon.

June 12th 2012: Small Update to this encounter:

I was in Maxim in the first week of June 2012 and was told that Adina has taken a time out and it is uncertain when exactly she will be back. Allegedly it is certain though that she will be back, which is nice. I was advised to subscribe to the Maxim newsletter to find out about her return or possible new girls. There were quite many new girls there. I will soon go there and spend time with one of the newcomers.

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