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Laufhaus Vienna


Laufhaus ICI Paris


Laufhaus Kontakt-Zentrum

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In case you are thinking about visiting a Laufhaus in Wien, this page will surely help you make the right choice. Not only will you be able to read general information about these types of establishments, but you will also learn of any new and important news that might change your views on a particular place. So, in case you’re thinking about visiting a Laufhaus in Vienna or you just want to learn more about them, read the posts that you find on this category page and educate yourself on everything related to Viennese Laufhauses!


List of Laufhauses in Vienna

Laufhaus ICI Paris

Laufhaus Vienna

Laufhaus Juchgasse

Laufhaus Zollgasse

Laufhaus Kontakt Zentrum

Laufhaus Kontakthof

Laufhaus Kontaktzone

  • Address: 1100 Wien, Raaber Bahn Gasse 10
  • Phone number:
  • Open: Monday-Thursday 10:00-24:00, Friday-Sunday 10:00-02:00
  • Website:

Laufhaus Sexparadies

  • Address: 1700 Wien, Hernalser Hauptstraße 23
  • Phone number: +43 660 86 666 99
  • Open: every day 12:00-04:00
  • Website:

Laufhaus Rachel

Laufhaus Herzblatt (formerly known as Contact Center)

  • Address: 1160 Wien, Wilhelminenstraße 46
  • Phone number: +43 677 64 525 671
  • Open: Monday-Thursday 10:00-24:00, Friday-Saturday 10:00-02:00, Sunday 10:00-23:00
  • Website:

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