Brothel Maxim Wien has 25 girls

The strongest line-up of this brothel since the COVID pandemic

Lately, we read a few reports on one of the biggest international sex forums that Maxim Wien has quite a strong line-up these days. To be precise, this Viennese brothel has so many girls and most of them are A+, which we could rarely see in the post-COVID scene.

We have just checked the Maxim blog, as the staff often announces new girls there. We were right; there is a new post about the new line-up. We will use this post and the punter reviews on the sex forums to do a quick overview of the current Maxim Girls.


This Maxim Girl should be a big fan of tattoos, as her body is covered with them on her right arm, left leg, abdomen, and back. She has enormous 780E natural breasts, so she will be a must-try for big tits lovers. According to the Maxim blog, she loves to connect with each guest on a personal level.


Celine is Ruby’s BFF but looks totally opposite to her, as this girl is slender, has much smaller breasts, and blonde hair. She can be ideal for a hot girlfriend experience, and we are sure that her beauty will be very popular among the guests.

Because she is the best friend of Ruby, both of them can be booked for a threesome, having a big tits wild girl and a GFE at the same time.


Lucia is an exotic lady in the club, as she is from Spain. This can be immediately obvious when we see her images; she is one of the newest girls who do not have privacy stripes over her pictures.

According to a punter report, she is a real Latina type, and we have also immediately discovered from her images that she has very nice and long legs. She might be your ideal choice if you are a big fan of Latin girls or you like to play with a girl’s nice legs.


Lucia also has her BFF in the brothel, Virginia, who has very nice natural 80DD breasts, which you can also see in the images on the Maxim website. She is a very pleasant type, and if you like experienced girls, then she might be the ideal companion for you. Or you can also try to book her with Lucia for a threesome in the club.


If you are not interested in Romanian girls, then you can try Emily; she is a real Austrian lady. According to a punter report, she is also a real beauty with a very nice face and a top-notch body.

This blonde girl also has nice legs and mid-size breasts, so she can be ideal for a hot girlfriend experience as well.

There are approximately 25 girls in Maxim Wien

The current line-up in Maxim Wien is indeed very strong. At the moment of writing this article, on a boring Thursday evening in January, there are 28 girls on the website, 20 of them are available this night, 6 of them will be back soon, and 2 of them do not have availability info on their profile picture.

This means that even during these minutes, guests can find 20 ladies in the brothel, all of the above-reviewed ones, which is very good in the current Viennese sex scene. At the moment, we don’t know too many competitors where punters can find such a strong line-up, especially among the classic sex clubs.

All of the Maxim Girls are available for hotel escort in Vienna and in the nearby areas, so if you prefer this kind of services, you can book the ladies by using their booking form on the website. Alternatively, you can call Maxim and speak to the management directly.

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Quick facts about Maxim Wien

Maxim Wien is one of the most prestigious and well-known brothels in Vienna. It is very popular among local punters and international guests. It has a strong reputation, and the club and its predecessors have a few decades of history. It is located on Kärntner Strasse, in the absolute center part of Vienna.

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