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Prostitutes attacked and raped in Bochum

Terrible act in Recklinghausen, four men are accused of rape by the district court of Bochum. The suspects lured the women into a trap and attacked, raped, and robed them. They claim that they just wanted to use their services.

The attackers threatened the women present in the brothel with a fake gun and stole a tablet and a cell phone. One of the suspects, Said A., has forced the victim to perform oral sex as well.

A few days later three of them were involved in another attack. One of the women escaped miraculously. The three of them were supposed to meet with two women in an apartment. One of them managed to escape by climbing on the roof of a neighboring house through the window. The other one was not able to escape and it’s said that she was beaten and raped. Now the four men have to defend in court for these terrible allegations.

16 reports of illegal prostitution in private apartments in Vienna

More and more men are stating that they contacted sexual transmitted diseases after using prostitution services in Vienna. Those claims made the Vienna police start a mission against the illegal prostitution in private apartments.

The police spokesman Christopher Verhnjak said that the customers of the illegal workers started to report them to the police department due to the fact that they got STDs after using their services.

During the action 10 women prostitutes were checked at their private addresses and the officials verified their ID cards and health certificates. In total there were 16 violations found due to lack of health examination or not declaring prostitution. Furthermore, two Chinese women were found to be staying illegally in Germany and they were arrested under the immigration law.

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Romanian man sentenced to prison in Vienna

A 41 year old Romanian man was recently sentenced to four years of prison for bodily harm and insurance fraud. Apparently, the man had forced a 57 year old into doing various things for his own benefit. Among other things, the man had allegedly poured acid into the woman’s eye. He took out insurance money from multiple companies and didn’t give any of it to the woman. For more details, click on the link above.

Nail salon turned into brothel

More news you might be interested in is about a nail salon in Leipzig that was turned into a brothel. People were surprised to see many men entering the nail salon on a daily basis. Turns out the reason why they are visiting the establishment isn’t a manicure, but rather for the sex which is offered by two Vietnamese women. If you want to learn more about this, go ahead and click on the link now!

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