The past caught up with Reeperbahn-Capo after 22 years

The native Austrian nicknamed “Wiener Peter” has to serve the remaining from his life sentence.

Joseph Peter N. was arrested in the Frankfurt Airport a few days ago. An escape form the German justice system ended after more than 20 years.

Born in Carinthia and living in Hamburg, he was known as “Wiener Peter” in his neighborhood. Due to the fact that he still has an open prison sentence for murder in Germany he was arrested in the transit area of the Frankfurt Airport. He was traveling from Dominican Republic to Vienna.

Deported in 2000

Peter had already served more than 10 years of his life imprisonment sentence in Germany before he was deported in Austria. He was extradited to Austria because of a request for extradition. This way his imprisonment stopped. According to the German.

The story takes us back to the times when rivals from the criminal gangs divided the red-light districts. This happened in Hamburg and Vienna.

Member of the “Chicago Gang”

According to the German newspapers, Peter was portraited as the “Godfather” of St. Pauli as a member of the Chicago gang (named after the Chicago Tavern). It is said that the Austrian came to Vienna via Berlin.

He was a well-known figure in the “red light” in the mid-80s. When Chinese Fritz, one of his partners, was shot in Zur Ritze Bar, the police suspected Peter for that. This was never proven.

Four contract killings proven

Four other contract killings were proven and in 1990 the Hamburg Regional Court sentenced him to life imprisonment. If he continued to serve his sentence in Austria after he was deported maybe, he would have been a free man today.

The media reports he was enjoying his last free moments in the Caribbean Islands.

Failure in Vienna

A retired criminalist claims that Peter once tried to win some territory in Vienna. He was rudely talked out of business by the Gurtelgalerie as the “Red-Light” bosses were called in the federal capital. There were always connections between the mafias of Vienna and Hamburg.

For example, in the late 70s, a stolen Mercedes with a Hamburg number plate led to the arrest of Red Heinzi, the leader of Gurtelgalerie. However, the crimes that he was arrested for, receiving stolen goods and violation of the weapons law, were harmless compared to the rest.

Celebrities at the funeral

It is said that until his death, Roter Heinzi was regularly meeting with his friends to play the simple card games “Stoß (Glücksspiel)”. A simple game that is even easier to cheat on. Whole apartment buildings were gambled though illegal plays.

Heinz Bachheimer, aka Der Rote Heinzi, died in 2015 at the age of 76, many celebrities attended his funeral.

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