Legal battle over ownership of Andiamo in Villach

Andiamo in Villach was considered to be a very popular and successful adult entertainment venue in Austria a few years ago. However, the business’ success started to falter around 2015 and it never really recovered to its former glory.

Now, after the death of one of the co-owners of the club, there is a legal battle over who gets to purchase the majority of the club’s shares. Naturally, there are many different parties interested in owning this sex club, and a lot of money being offered for the trade.

Who currently owns Andiamo in Villach?

According to Michael K., one of the partners of the company that holds all of the shares to Andiamo, the club’s success has faltered because of serious management errors.

By this, he is referring to Arnold H., the co-owner who actually held the majority of the shares to Andiamo before his passing last year.

Michael K. stated that he blames his partner for the downfall of the Andiamo club because of the changes that Arnold H. made in the club’s management.

After Arnold H.’s death last year, his heirs inherited the majority of the shares to the club, which means that the future of the establishment is in question.

Since Michael K. doesn’t own the majority of the shares to Andiamo, he cannot make any decisions about the club on his own.

Legal battle over Andiamo’s future

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Michael K. stated that his late-partner’s heirs are ignoring Austrian law, as they did not allow the appraiser who was appointed by the court into the sex club, which is necessary to determine the company’s value.

Additionally, the heirs to the majority of the shares do not wish to make a deal with Michael K. and to continue operating the club.

Instead, according to rumors, they are already trying to make a deal in selling the shares to an interested third party.

This is a problem for Michael K., as he would like to resume business in Andiamo and restore the club to its former glory.

It is also rumored that among the interested parties who wish to purchase the Andiamo shares is the well-known club owner from Salzburg, Hannes R. Regardless of what the end deal might be we can be certain that there is going to be a lot of money involved.

According to rumors, the deal should be somewhere around 4 million Euros.

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