Reasons why the Corona Crisis hits Prostitution even harder than other industries

As most of you already know the current COVID-19 crisis has impacted almost every type of business and industry in the whole world. However, the prostitution scene is affected by the Corona virus even more than others. Prostitution all around the world has stopped and many women have been left without a job. What are the exact reasons as to why the Corona virus has hit the prostitution scene even harder than other industries?

Prostitution is a social industry

One of the main and most obvious reasons why the prostitution scene was hit harder than any other industry is because this is mainly a social business. Regardless of what type of prostitution we are talking about, clients have to meet with the girls one way or another. This is even truer when we consider sex bars and saunaclubs where many clients and women are present at the same time. Continuing to go to places like this could exponentially increase the number of infected individuals, which could prolong the epidemic for an even longer period of time.

As a result of this, all brothels and similar establishments had to be closed, essentially putting the whole prostitution scene in hibernation.

Many people don’t have money for prostitutes

Another reason why the prostitution scene was hit hard by the Corona virus is the fact that many people have lost their jobs. Since their income has been lowered, and there are more essential things that also require money, most people do not have the extra cash to spend on prostitutes. Naturally, there are people who would gladly go to a prostitute even now if they were allowed to do so, but the sad truth is that a large number of clients simply cannot afford to spend money on the prostitution scene right now.

We are sure that this will get back to its normal routine, but as it currently stands, we can understand that people would rather spend their money on the most essential things.

Borders between countries are closed

Although not all borders are closed, this still has a huge impact on tourism in Vienna. Many clients who pay for sexual services in the city travel in from abroad, which means that there’s a huge clientele loss for brothels and other similar establishments.

Of course, there are many Viennese customers too who pay for sexual services, but most clients have been businessmen from abroad. Until the borders are fully opened up and people are allowed to freely travel wherever they want, sex businesses in Vienna will keep feeling the effects of the COVID-19 virus.

Women who work in the prostitution business have travelled back to their home countries

As you might already know, most prostitutes who worked in Vienna haven’t been Austrian women. The most common nationalities in Vienna were ladies from Romania, Hungary and similar European countries. Since most of them travelled home when the epidemic started, in order not to get stranded in Austria, there are far fewer ladies in the city now. As a result of this, most brothels couldn’t even open right now because of lack of girls who could work for them.

Of course, as soon as these types of establishments are allowed to open again, we are sure that the ladies will start coming back to the city too.

Clients fear they will be infected with the Corona virus

Last, but not least importantly, one of the most obvious reasons why the prostitution scene has been hit hard by the virus is the fact that clients are simply afraid that they will get the COVID-19 virus from a prostitute. Since people can show no signs of being ill while already being infected with the virus, many clients simply do not want to take the chance.

Of course, the ladies could be tested regularly, but unfortunately even hospitals are lacking in terms of testing equipment and the supplies couldn’t and shouldn’t be used to test prostitutes.


The Corona virus has definitely hit the prostitution scene hard; even harder than other industries. The infectious nature of the virus has made it very hard for prostitutes to work in the city, and most of them are simply waiting for the epidemic to end before they could get back to work. Since all brothels are closed for safety, clients cannot simply visit one of these places either. The lack of monetary means is also a huge benefactor of COVID-19’s impact on the prostitution scene.

Until the epidemic is over, we will have to patiently wait. In reality, the measures taken by the Viennese government are very helpful in stopping the spread of the virus. Everybody should stay home and practice social distancing until we can put this whole crisis behind us.

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