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    Read more about some of the most important events that are happening from this well-written article. You can see Vienna’s sex events in a chronological order. Everything that you can find in this report will help you familiarize yourself with the happenings that you can expect in Wien. http://sex-vienna.com/2014/02/23/upcoming-events-in-viennas-sex-clubs/


    I was hoping you might give us a report about the pornoparty at maxim with caprice. how was the show?


    I was there on Monday, although a bit late, so I missed the shows of Little Caprice and Carla Cox but they were still there when I got there and I had a very short chat. Quite frankly, I came unprepared and didn’t know what to say 🙂

    I was happy to see Adina again, she still looks exaxtly the same.

    Bella Blonde was there, I didn’t know her yet but seems she is well known in Germany. Really nice and natural persona, natural body as well. Not super slim but sexy. I was tempted to go to the room with her but it wasn’t my very best day and I decided against it… that is out of character for me but all the stress I had lately got to me a bit.

    I came back on the next day, much earlier to see the shows of Carla Cox and Little Caprice… after all this was a 2day event so I didn’t want to miss anything. The shows were supwer soft, a little dildo action and full striptease. But people there seemed to like it nonetheless


    Thank you for the response. I am trying to decide between a trip to Germany, Vienna or Zurich for my first FKK experience. I really like the lesbo shows so that is a big factor for where i go.


    If you are mostly interested in FKK sauna clubs then Germany will be your best choice. The entry prices and prices for the sex are cheaper than in Austria and by far cheaper than in Switzerland


    Hi Marcus
    How great to find a Norwegian here. Is is possible to get in touch??

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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