Sex workers unable to strike

In Vienna, various professional groups have taken to the streets to demand higher wages. Among the protesters are metalworkers and retail employees, who have yet to reach new wage agreements, leading to widespread strikes.

Peter Laskaris, a brothel owner, shared his insights on the challenges faced by sex workers. According to Laskaris, they are under similar economic pressure as other workers due to inflation and rising living costs. However, he emphasizes that striking is not a viable option for them, as it would be financially unsustainable.

The brothels themselves are also facing economic difficulties. Laskaris reports that customer numbers have decreased as many can no longer afford the services. Additionally, operational costs, such as electricity bills, have significantly increased, further escalating financial strain.

When prostitutes did strike

While it’s generally challenging for sex workers to strike, there have been notable instances where they have done so. In 2022, during the Women’s Strike in the UK, hundreds gathered in London’s Leicester Square.

Protesters, activists, and members of various trade unions, including United Voices of the World and IWGB, along with grassroots organizations like the English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP), SWARM, Migrants Organise, and Sisters Uncut, rallied to demand the decriminalization of sex work and rights for sex workers.

The protest went through Soho, ending at Downing Street with multilingual chants led by the Feminist Assembly of Latin Americans (FALA), emphasizing unity and solidarity among the participants

Another significant event took place in 2020, also in the UK, on International Women’s Day. Hundreds of masked sex workers marched through the streets, protesting against poverty, criminalization, evictions, and gentrification.

The march highlighted the struggles of sex workers and demanded decriminalization, safety, and rights for this marginalized group. The movement, inspired and led by sex workers, emphasized their roles as mothers, migrant workers, and refugees seeking safety and livelihood

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