Former prostitute shares her views on prostitution

There was recently an interview with an ex-prostitute and activist Huschke Mau, in which she talks about the effects of the prostitution scene on her and women in general. According to her, women who work in this line of work are dehumanized and are used like objects.

She even wrote a book about everything that she experienced in the time she was working as a prostitute. For more details and other stories, keep reading now!

About the author

The author of the book “Dehumanized” Huschke Mau entered the prostitution scene when she was 17 years old. Her stepfather was an abusive man and regularly abused Mau and her mother, so she ran away from home and had to work in the prostitution scene for money. She worked in the prostitution business for 10 years before managing to get out.

Currently, she is an activist against prostitution and she’s trying to help women who cannot escape this field of work. In her book, she shares her own experiences, talks about how women get into the prostitution scene, as well as how difficult it is to get out.

Prostitutes are no longer perceived as human beings

In the interview, Huschke Mau stated that women who work in the prostitution business are no longer perceived as human beings by their suitors. She said that men who visit prostitutes choose women based on their bodies, like choosing from a menu. They rent the women’s bodies for a time and pay them to be exactly what they want them to be. This means that the women lose their personalities and can no longer be themselves.

Additionally, she added that she had many customers who were respected members of society, some even feminists. However, once they entered a brothel or visited a working girl they changed their behavior immediately. She also said that these men cannot be identified as being customers on first glance; they speak, dress and behave like everyone else.

Most women prostitutes do not enjoy selling their bodies

The author of the book stated that she believes that most prostitutes do not enjoy the job. According to her, the act of selling sexual services is catered towards the clients most of the time. The clients know exactly what they want and the women need to turn into a different person in order to make the clients happy.

This is especially troublesome when the woman has to do something for the client that she doesn’t necessarily enjoy, but rather does it for the money; or worse, if she’s forced to do so

Could the Nordic prostitution model be the solution?

According to Huschke Mau, implementing the Nordic prostitution model could solve some problems that prostitutes are facing right now. By making the act of buying sex illegal, prostitutes could easily call the police when needed, without having to fear the authorities. In this case, the clients would be charged for buying the service rather than the women for offering it.

Additionally, the clients would probably be less aggressive as a result as well, since they would know that they are doing something against the law.

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Many prostitutes enjoy their job

Not all prostitutes are forced into working in this line of work. Unfortunately, there are women who are forced into selling their bodies for someone else’s gains, which is a terrible thing that should be stopped.

These women need immediately help to escape their situation and get all the aid they require. Having the option to quit is immensely important and prostitution should be a choice and not a necessity or mandatory.

However, there are a large number of women who look at prostitution as just a job. They get paid for the services that they’re offering. There are good days and bad days, but in the end they continue working because for them it’s better than having a so-called “nine-to-five” job. Women who work in respected and professional brothels or agencies earn a lot more than they would in a regular job. Additionally, they have the chance of meeting all types of men, which is yet another plus for many.

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