International Loverboy Gang Busted by Law Enforcement in Vienna

Recently, an international gang that used the loverboy method to lure in unsecure women has been arrested by the cooperation of the Viennese, Romanian and Great Britain police departments. This illegal prostitution gang has been forcing young women into prostitution for years and they have accumulated millions of euros in profit in this time. Read on to find out more about this gang, as well as the loverboy method now!

What does the loverboy method mean?

If you are unfamiliar with the loverboy term, it’s basically a method that some people use to lure unsuspecting women into illegal prostitution. The man who uses the loverboy method lures in unsuspecting ladies with gifts and promises, just to later sell her into illegal and forced prostitution in another country.

The women who fall victim to this method think that they have finally found a man they can trust and love, but this is just an act. The loverboy usually promises a good job in another country, with which he lures the girl to leave her home country.

Once they have arrived to the destination, the women have their passports taken away from them and forced into having paid sex for the trafficker’s profit. The women who fall victim to this method are usually threatened verbally and they also have to endure physical abuse.

International Loverboy Gang in Europe

According to our sources, the gang has been forcing women into prostitution for years and most of the women had to work in Vienna. Reports show that the women who were forced into prostitution were between the ages of 18 and 40. Some of the women were sold to other gangs who paid up to 8,000 euros for the women.

The gang has been operating in three different countries since 2012 and made a huge profit with this method. The police forces in Romania have raided 16 houses and arrested 22 suspects, some of which are thought to be the leaders of the Vienna branch of the illegal prostitution gang.

According to police reports, multiple luxury cars, weapons, cash, jewels and other luxury commodities have been seized. After the arrests, 15 suspects have been kept in for questioning. In Great Britain, two suspects have been arrested and brought in for questioning who are thought to be linked to this international loverboy gang. In Vienna there were no arrests yet, but law enforcement officers have seized documents and cell phone information from the suspects.

According to police reports, the leaders behind this gang have disguised their operations behind a family run gold-trading business. Sources indicate that the gang had connections in Cyprus, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, Romania and Austria since 2012. Additionally, the gang is also suspected to have put counterfeit British pounds on the market as well, totalling to over 1,115,000 euros in profit.

Conclusion on the loverboy gang

Illegal and forced prostitution is still a huge problem in the 21st century and many women are brought into this life every year. The loverboy method is one of the most common ways gang members lure insecure women into illegal prostitution. Law enforcement is trying to arrest the people behind these types of operations, but this is a hard task since there are so many gangs that use this to force women into illegal prostitution. Hopefully, we will be able to report more similar cases where the loverboys get arrested and the women who are forced are let go.

This wasn’t the first time we have encountered and posted about the loverboy method. If you’re interested in learning more about this subject, or seeing what other members of the community had to say about it, be sure to read the forum thread that has been created for this purpose on our SV forum now! We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, so feel free to visit our forum and join in on the conversation.

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