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We are continuously publishing news about the nightlife scene of Vienna, and our partner sites are publishing news pieces from other parts of the world. In this article, we are giving an overview of what happened lately in the paid sex scene in the DACH countries.

Trial for exploiting illegal Chinese sex workers in Switzerland

Three people are on trial at the District Court of Aargau for exploiting illegal Chinese sex workers. The 50-year-old Chinese brothel owner, her 59-year-old Swiss partner, and a 59-year-old Swiss secretary employed Chinese sex workers who were illegally residing in Switzerland and provided them with counterfeit identity documents instead of securing legal residence permits.

The workers paid deposits for the fake IDs, monthly rents, and a significant portion of their earnings, generating approximately 340,000 Swiss francs in profits over five years. The 3 defendants deny all charges. The Chinese brothel owner might get a three-year prison sentence, followed by deportation from the country; the two Swiss citizens face suspended two-year sentences.

Romanian sex worker charged with endangerment in Styria

Enhanced monitoring in Styria’s red-light district found that a 31-year-old Romanian sex worker continued working in a brothel despite testing positive for gonorrhea. This led to charges of endangerment of public health. During the trial in Graz, her defense attorney highlighted her acceptance of responsibility and cooperation, noting she had recovered by the time of law enforcement testing.

Her clean record and confession resulted in a fine of €630. The brothel manager was also implicated for allowing her to work despite knowing her positive test result. He was acquitted due to insufficient evidence of his ability to prevent her from working.

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Major raid disrupts sex party at sauna club in Castrop-Rauxel

Authorities raided a sex party at the Penelope sauna club in Castrop-Rauxel, including police, customs, and regulatory authorities. The operation aimed to uncover illegal activities, tax violations, and exploitation of women.

The authorities were searching for signs of illegal prostitutes, exploited women, and the presence of illegal gambling machines and unpaid gambling taxes.

Authorities also suspected ties to the HELLS ANGELS motorcycle club, which are still under investigation.

The police inspected over 270 people and 75 vehicles, seizing five illegal gambling machines, drugs, and cash, and filing various charges, including illegal gambling, traffic violations, and tax evasion. One arrest warrant was executed, and the building was closed.

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Young woman testifies against alleged abuser in Düsseldorf

A 19-year-old woman, who claims she was forced into prostitution through threats of violence, faces her alleged abuser in court. The 25-year-old man is charged with forcing her into prostitution, violence, threats, and theft from early 2022 to June 2023.

They met at a sauna club near Düsseldorf, where the woman fell in love with him. Initially, he took half her earnings, later demanding all her money and using violence and threats to enforce his demands. He managed her prostitution activities and advertisements, eventually coercing her to give him up to 8,000 euros weekly.

The charges include severe abuse, such as hair-pulling, choking with a cord, and physical assault when she couldn’t provide enough money. He also allegedly took thousands of euros from her.

In June 2023, when she attempted to stop working for him, he threatened her and her family, demanding a large sum of money to release her. He continued to pressure her via messages to pay off her supposed debt.

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Human trafficking trial in Hanau

A trial in Hanau, Germany, has begun against three human traffickers who smuggled 13 Chinese women into the country for forced prostitution. The 3 people face charges of human trafficking, tax evasion, and non-payment of social security contributions.

They transported the women and exploited them in brothels across Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, and Bavaria.

The leader, a 45-year-old woman from Hanau, controlled the network and managed the rental of brothel properties. A 45-year-old Chinese woman supervised the prostitution activities, while a 60-year-old man from Rüsselsheim acted as the driver.

Financially, the defendants are accused of evading €1.2 million in taxes and failing to pay €1.3 million in social security contributions.

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