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    Laufhauses are quite popular in Wien and there are a few of them currently operational. If you are not familiar with the concept, Laufhauses are buildings where girls can rent rooms and meet their clients. This way, the ladies are independent and they decide their prices and eventually fate. The main difference between Laufhauses and other establishments is the fact that there is no social area, but rather rooms where you go and have sex with the girls. That’s it.

    For the list of all Laufhauses that were operational in Vienna, check out the full report.


    Sorry, not interested


    hey man
    it will be really helpful if you can recommend us a few good studios , because there is dozen of them so its difficult to know who ones are the best when it comes to the service .


    Sure I will come up with a comparison of the best studios in Vienna soon. Had a project in my job to work on and had little to no spare time to work on my baby.. this blog 🙂


    thank you , i cant wait 😀



    this is a really great site about laufhaus in vienna.

    I am very often in Vienna, but I am in Graz at Home.



    Red rooms flat rate laufhaus…. Is that nowadays open or not??


    No it has never opened and it is not likely to open ever. Seems like a simple but effective PR sham and nothing but. Lots of people ask me about something that is non-existent.


    Hey, Great posts. Just wanted to know how up to date this stuff is and also your studio review. Any new Asian places? The Laufhaus Breitenfurterstraße link doesn’t work either. Any help would be appreciated. Also tips for someone going to a prostitute for the first time

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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