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This page contains all important and worthwhile news that have happened in the Vienna sex scene. By browsing this category, you can learn about the latest happenings, new laws and regulations that have been introduced, as well as anything else that we think our readers should know more about when it comes to the Viennese prostitution industry. Additionally, we also touch on news from other countries, especially when it has an impact on the sex scene in Wien too. This means new laws that are being introduced in the neighbouring German speaking countries, establishments going bankrupt and much more.

We acquire the information that you can read in our articles from reliable sources, so our posts only contain accurate and real information. We scour the local and international press for the latest Sex Vienna news, and we also include our experts’ take on the subjects. As a result of this, you can read interesting and very informational posts in this section, especially if you wish to read the latest sex news that have happened in the capital of Austria.

If you are interested in learning more about the current situation of the Vienna sex scene, you should definitely browse the articles that you find under this category right now!

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robbery in vienna

75-year-old attacked while having sex

As weird as it sounds, a 75-year-old man was assaulted…

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Pascha Köln

Pascha in Germany, Cologne sold to new owner after bankruptcy

Last year in September we have published a post about…

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maxim escort header

These Girls are available for Escort at Maxim Wien

As many of you already know, there has been a…

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Venezuelan Miss Candidates go to trial for Pimping

A 22-year-old and her ex-boyfriend are accused of forcing an…

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a sex worker in Wien during the corona virus pandemic

Sex-workers are fighting for survival during the tough times of the Corona Virus crisis

The Corona crisis is threatening the economic existence of many…

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Miss Daisy Diamond

Daisy from Maxim has launched her own PornHub channel

In case you have been following the Sex Vienna blog…

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hotel in Vienna

Increased number of police raids in Vienna because of the brothel lockdown

As you might already know, there is currently a lockdown…

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pimps arrested in Tyrol

Two pimp gangs arrested in Innsbruck and Hall in Tyrol

Recently, we’ve received reports of two separate pimping gangs that…

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prostitution in Vienna

Escort in Vienna is officially allowed from today

According to State Police of Vienna, escorts in the city…

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Austrian flag

Closure of brothels in Germany and curfew in Austria

The Corona Virus has once again put a strain on…

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