Who is Vienna’s prettiest sexworker in 2013?

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who is cutest Sexworker in 2013 of them all?

2013 is a great year if you like pretty sexworkers and I picked the 5 prettiest ones in my humble opinion. Now it is up to you to vote for your favorite one. Let the games begin. GO GO GO – VOTE VOTE VOTE 🙂

The 5 sexiest girls in 2013

Sex Vienna Survey
Who is Vienna's prettiest sexworker in 2013?
Giulia (Nightclub Maxim Wien)
Lori (Laufhaus Vienna)
Nicky (Laufhaus Kontakthof)
Chanel (Studio Engerthstraße 108)
Lisa (Studio Dolcexvita)

Sex Vienna Survey: Temporary result

Top girls:
1. Giulia (Nightclub Maxim Wien)
46.3% (63 votes)
2. Lisa (Studio Dolcexvita)
18.4% (25 votes)
3. Chanel (Studio Engerthstraße 108)
15.4% (21 votes)
4. Lori (Laufhaus Vienna)
13.2% (18 votes)
5. Nicky (Laufhaus Kontakthof)
6.6% (9 votes)