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Re: Sexclubs and Laufhauses to Avoid in Vienna


<< December 5, 2018 at 1:07 pm >>

A very important factor of the paysex scene is choosing the right place to do the deed in. Vienna is filled with numerous opportunities for paying for sex, but unfortunately not all of these places are recommended. As with every big city, Wien also has its share of establishments that scam or exploit their clients. Today, we are talking about the places that should be avoided when paying for sex in Vienna.

On the other hand, Vienna has some reputable and highly recommended places to visit as well. These sexclubs and brothels are known to take care of their clients, unlike the ones mentioned in this article. Our recommendation goes to these establishments, rather than the below mentioned blacklisted ones.

Without further ado, here are the places to avoid in Vienna and those that we are certainly not recommending to anybody:

1. Eve Bar

Eve Bar is undoubtedly at the top of the list of places to avoid in Vienna. We thought that we could stop reporting about this place, as it was closed for a while. Now rumors are coming up that Eve Bar is getting a new owner, so the warning must stay up. This is among the most expensive places in the city and clients who go there are ripped off more often than not.

Additionally, Eve Bar is known for their taxi scam that has been going on for a few years. They pay an absurdly high admission fee to taxi drivers to bring wealthy and drunk clients to them. Since they have to make a profit, they try to take as much out of the client’s pocket as they can. Overcharging clients’ credit cards has also been something synonymous with Eve Bar. The prices in Eve Bar also change if a client looks wealthy. If a guy has an expensive watch, clothes or shoes, a champagne can cost up to three times more than what another guy might pay. This establishment has zero online presence and they are not advertising anywhere on the web. The reason for this is simple; no tourist trap would want publicity to show their schemes, neither does Eve Bar.

Eve Bar hasn’t been a safe place that we would recommend in decades. Since nobody had the ability and skill or intent of running the place clean so far, there’s no reason to believe that this is changing with the new owners.

Summarized, here are the reasons we recommend avoiding Eve Bar at all costs:

  • Eve Bar is too expensive – one of the most expensive places in Vienna
  • The girls at Eve Bar are trained to scam the clients, and so is the staff
  • Taxi drivers are being paid fortunes by Eve Bar for any client they “sacrifice” and bring to their club. Because of this, taxi drivers are known to detour clients from their original destination and even talk down other places with lies.
  • The drinks and services go up in price if they see that a client is wealthy. A bottle of champagne can cost 200 euros for one person, while it can cost up to 700 for someone who looks rich.
  • Eve Bar is a known tourist trap and this is exactly the reason why they don’t have a website or any online presence.

If you wish to read more about this blacklisted establishment, check out our older Eve Bar review by clicking here. You can also read about the Eve Bar taxi scam in this article that we published.

2. Claudia’s Bar

Although Claudia’s Bar has somewhat of an original site with the girls spreading their legs and showing private parts, this is still not a place that we would recommend to any guy with standards. The sexclub is located in the 10th district, which is among the worst in Vienna, so the clientele going there is not very distinguished. The rooms in Claudia’s Bar are small but nice and the prices are reasonable, however, finding a good girl is like playing the lottery. A couple of bad reviews have also recently come to our attention, which is one of the reasons why it is listed here. Because of this, we cannot vouch or recommend going to Claudia’s Bar at all.

3. Laufhaus Juchgasse

Laufhaus Juchgasse is also among the places that we recommend avoiding in Vienna. This Laufhaus is the oldest one in Vienna and it is also the oldest looking too. Being one of the first Laufhauses in Wien should come with a level of respect and fame, but their reputation hasn’t been the best to say the least. Unfortunately, local forums have been crawling with negative reviews and complaints about the girls who work there; and this has been happening for years.

Laufhaus Juchgasse Vienna

The main problem with Laufhaus Juchgasse is that the girls there often don’t satisfy the clients as they should. Even though most of the rooms are constantly occupied, the girls’ service level is very low when you consider the price that you’re paying. Here are some of the bad reviews that we published about Laufhaus Juchgasse girls over the years:

Thankfully, there are a couple of girls who work in Laufhaus Juchgasse who are praised by clients. For example, Samira is a highlight and a gem many people in Vienna still cherish. Check out our reviews of Samira:

However, there are many bad reports about other Laufhaus girls on local monger forums. Since as it seems more people are complaining about Laufhaus Juchgasse rather than praising it, we cannot wholeheartedly recommend going to this Laufhaus. It is still safe to go to Laufhaus Juchgasse, but there are better and newer alternatives. Places that have a modern interior and more girls that use less Photoshop on their pictures.

4. Contact Center Laufhaus

The only reason why we are not recommending Contact Center Laufhaus is the fact that it doesn’t really function as a Laufhaus at all. The girls working there are absent more often than not when you come by. Contact Center Laufhaus operates more like an escort location or maybe a bigger studio. This is also a clear AO location which usually means bad service from the girls.

According to our sources, Contact Center Laufhaus has recently been taken over by new owners. The new owners are generally a respectable group of people who have other smaller locations as well. However, we really wouldn’t recommend choosing this place, especially if you are looking for a real Laufhaus; there are much better alternatives in Vienna. Again, it is safe to go to Contact Center Laufhaus, but it’s not recommended because of bad service and the fact that girls are often absent.

One of our forum members left a review of a girl from Contact Center Laufhaus. Check out the Warning about Contact Center Laufhaus forum thread to learn more!

Contact Center Laufhaus Vienna Wien


As we’ve previously stated, the sexclubs and Laufhauses on this list should be avoided whenever possible. There are far better alternatives, especially if you are looking for good service in a safe environment. Going with the above mentioned blacklisted places might very well end in a bad session or worse; getting scammed out of your money. So, it is of the utmost importance to choose the right place when you want to pay for sex.

The city of Vienna is among the best European countries when it comes to paying for sex. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to check out this Sextoplists article about the Top 5 places for paid sex in Europe now!

Re: Laufhaus Girl Review – Andreea Laufhaus Kontaktzone


<< October 5, 2018 at 2:51 pm >>

Before working at Kontaktzone Laufhaus, Andreea had worked in several Laufhauses in Vienna. This girl has a reputation for changing Laufhauses frequently. Her career was launched in Vienna, in Studio Rogergasse in the 9th district. After this, she went to Contact Center and over there she provided her services for approximately one year. Not long ago, she has changed the location to Laufhaus Rosi, and at present to Kontaktzone.  She is known to promote herself using online advertising. Andreea isn’t present in the location all the time and due to this fact the customers need to call her or to text her in order to establish an appointment.

Andreea has a sexy body and gorgeous face

Andreea is very attractive and many people would fit her into the perfect women category. She can be associated with Pamela Anderson when she was in her glory years, but Andreea’s plus is that she has natural breasts. With the exception of the Botox from her lips, Andreea is a 100% natural girl. Andreea is an open-minded person and according to her profile she accepts everything: anal sex, normal sex, oral sex (with or without a condom), group sex and so on. Although, seemingly, Andreea has all the necessary qualities, the way she offers her services has several drawbacks.

Andreea Laufhaus Kontaktzone

Why Andreea isn’t the perfect girl

Although Andreea is a very attractive girl, she often gets negative feedback from her customers. The way she tries to solve this problem is to create other profiles, in order to be able to maintain her “good reputation”. The fact that she permanently changes her place of work tells us that she has social problems and does not have a good behavior with her clients. Everyone appreciates in the reviews that she is attractive and beautiful, but when it comes to politeness and manners, the clients who have met her say that she has minuses. Another problem with Andreea is that she has no patience and is known to hurry up her clients. Sometimes she even tells them that time has expired, although this is not true. Some clients complained that Andreea is very distant. Apparently, she does not know how to be enjoyable and she also uses a lot of gel.


To sum up, we can say that Andreea is a very beautiful girl, but she does not know to treat her clients. She has an inappropriate attitude and tries to shorten the sessions as much as possible. Everyone expects to be well treated, but at this time Andreea can not offer that because of her bad temper. We do not want to criticize her, but if she would change the way she treats her clients and if she wouldn’t shorten the sessions, Andreea could be a perfect girl for this industry.

Re: All Police Licensed Brothels in Vienna


<< September 12, 2018 at 12:09 pm >>

Vienna offers a multitude of different choices when it comes to choosing a place to have sex. There are numerous Laufhauses, sexclubs, FKKs, studios and brothels in the city; however, not all of them are operating legally, with a license. There are many reasons why choosing an illegally operating brothel is a bad idea. Some of the reasons you should avoid them are:

  • Many illegally working places scam their clients
  • Girls who work illegally are not regularly tested for STDs
  • If a police raid happens, you are going to be just as guilty as the people running the place
  • Illegally operating girls’ services are often very bad

Since we would only ever recommend legal places to visit, we have compiled a list of all police approved brothels in Vienna categorized by the district they’re in. This list should help see which establishment is legit and which isn’t, in order to avoid any places that work illegally. You will find the establishment’s name, address, website (if they have a website) and any related content that we’ve previously released about the place. There are also some entries that have been marked as permanently closed by Google, as well as a few that we suspect will close soon (if not already).

This list is not fully up-to-date, as it is based on data from May, 2017. It is also a work in progress and the list will be updated whenever we get our hands on new information. Even though the list contains most of the places that are working legally right now, there are a few that have closed since then and some new ones opened too. In order to keep the list updated, we urge you to share the latest info you know in this Sex-Vienna forum thread. We appreciate any feedback and help with the list, such as missing links and places that have seized to exist.

List of All Police Licensed Brothels in Vienna

***  establishment is marked “Permanently closed” by Google
[x] probably going to close soon

1st District – Innere Stadt

2nd District – Leopoldstadt

  • Massagestudio, Address: Franzensbrückenstrasse 10-12
  • Pigalle, Address: Blumauergasse 14
  • Studio Luna, Address: Nordbahnstrasse 26a
  • Local Jasmina, Address: Obermüllnerstrasse 1
  • Studio 7, Address: Praterstrasse 36
  • Traummasseurinnen, Address: Ennsgasse 25
  • Riesenradlbar, Address: Nordbahnstrasse 34
  • Studio Top 1-4, Address: Nordwestbahnstrasse 7 & 9
  • Studio Michelle, Address: Schüttelstrasse 33
  • Venusfalle, Address: Heinestrasse 23 
  • Love Story BarAddress: Nordbahnstrasse 46
  • 6 HexenAddress: Rembrandtstrasse 17, Related articles: Florence Rebhanngasse – a gentle little sweetheart
  • Cafe Susi Bar, Address: Ausstellungsstrasse 15 
  • Marion S Bar, Address: Ausstellungsstrasse 9 
  • Studio Claudia, Address: Lassallestrasse 28
  • Studio Luna, Address: Lassallestrasse 28b
  • ***Safari Bar, Address: Obermüllnerstrasse 1
  • Sex Shop – KabinensexAddress: Czerningasse 29
  • Club Diane, Address: Lassallestrasse 10 
  • Studio Top 6, Address: Czerningasse 1
  • Studio Zanet, Address: Max-Winter-Platz 15
  • Club Casandra, Address: Novaragasse 46
  • Studio Secret, Address: Am Tabor 15
  • Charly Love, Address: Rueppgasse 24
  • Susi Bar II, Address: Ausstellungsstrasse 15
  • Studio Passion, Address: Handelskai 208
  • Studio 3, Address: Mayergasse 5
  • Studio Top 3, Address: Praterstrasse 36
  • Studio A25Address: Ennsgasse 25
  • Studio Helene, Address: Ferdinandstrasse 2
  • TuberoseAddress: Hofenedergasse 2
  • Max WinterAddress: Max Winter Platz 22, Related articles: Vanity Porn in Laufhaus Max Winter Platz
  • Kerstinbar, Address: Novaragasse 38a 
  • Lina Studio, Address: Novaragasse 40
  • Studio Max-Winter-Platz, Address: Max Winter Platz 12
  • Studio Ybbsstrasse 10, Address: Ybbsstrasse 10

3rd District – Landstrasse

  • Laufhaus Juchgasse 11Address: Juchgasse 11
  • Laufhaus Wien MitteAddress: Zollgasse 3
  • Studio ParadiseAddress: Hainburger Strasse 59
  • Side Step BarAddress: Radetzkystrasse 18
  • Studio DeluxeAddress: Ungargasse 22
  • Studio Thai, Address: Weißgerberlände 4
  • Royal Nightclub, Address: Am Heumarkt 3
  • Studio VipAddress: Wällischgasse 2
  • Studio BenessereAddress: Adamsgasse 2
  • Studio Aventura, Address: Rennweg 70
  • Studio 18/5, Address: Schlachthausgasse 18/5 
  • Studio ArmonyAddress: Erdbergstrasse 127
  • Studio, Address: Schlachthausgasse 18/6 
  • Mondlicht, Address: Eslarngasse 4

4th District – Wieden

  • Massage 69Address: Kolschitzkygasse 14-18
  • Lokal Top 1, Address: Kleine Neugasse 18 

5th District – Margareten

  • Studio 1, Address: Arbeitergasse 40 
  • Cafe RüdigerAddress: Rüdigergasse 14
  • Studio 95a, Address: Schönbrunner Strasse 95 
  • Bar Emanuelle, Address: Reinprechtsdorferstrasse 21 
  • Asia-Star, Address: Wimmergasse 11 
  • Romantic BarAddress: Spengergasse 13
  • Asiengirl, Address: Arbeitergasse 42/3 
  • Sophie Asia Girls, Address: Ramperstorffergasse 8-12
  • Erotik-Club, Address: Schönbrunner Strasse 114 
  • Studio Nico 64Address: Siebenbrunnengasse 64
  • Studio 28, Address: Rampersdorffergasse 28 
  • Pretty Woman, Address: Schönbrunner Strasse 116a
  • Jindalai, Address: Siebenbrunnengasse 67/1
  • Studio RelaxAddress: Stolberggasse 21a

6th District – Mariahilf

  • Studio 124Address: Gumpendorfer Strasse 124 
  • Studio Kolibri, Address: Gumpendorfer Strasse 145
  • MollardAddress: Mollardgasse 26
  • Lotusblüte, Address: Bürgerspitalgasse 15

7th District – Neubau

  • Angeliquebar, Address: Lerchenfelder Gürtel 40 
  • MonacobarAddress: Lindengasse 4
  • [x] Okay-Bar (now Royal bar), Address: Neubaugürtel 42, Related articles: Okaybar got shut down!
  • Peepshow BurggasseAddress: Burggasse 112, Related article: Anita in Peepshow Burggasse (from 2012)
  • Helga’s KabinensexAddress: Neubaugürtel 18 
  • Connys KabinenSex, Address: Lerchenfelder Gürtel 8
  • Studio, Address: Schottenfeldgasse 64a
  • Bar House 6, Address: Lerchenfelder Gürtel 6 
  • Manhatten BarAddress: Neubaugürtel 18
  • Alm Bar, Address: Lerchenfelder Gürtel 40

8th District – Josefstadt

  • Studio 27, Address: Lederergasse 27
  • Asia-Studio, Address: Albertgasse 50 
  • ***Studio White Angels, Address: Lerchenfelder Gürtel 60 

9th District – Alsergrund

  • Thai-Fa, Address: Alserbachstrasse 19
  • Studio Imperium, Address: Nussdorfer Strasse 70
  • Jacqueline-BarAddress: Währinger Gürtel 140 
  • Links Studio, Address: Rögergasse 12 
  • Vienna Night ClubAddress: Währinger Gürtel 12 
  • Gentlemens Club ExzessAddress: Heiligenstädter Strasse 6 
  • Bei NicoleAddress: Währinger Gürtel 82

10th District – Favoriten

  • Luna Bar, Address: Oberlaaer Strasse 209
  • Dolce Vita, Address: Katharinengasse 9
  • Claudia’s BarAddress: Laxenburgerstrasse 11 
  • Studio 49/A, Address: Triester Strasse 49/2 
  • Studio 37Address: Triester Strasse 37
  • Dark Angel Bar, Address: Columbusgasse70
  • 6paradies, Address: Favoritenstrasse 194 
  • Studio 77, Address: Senefeldergasse 77 
  • Laufhaus Vienna, Address: Triester Strasse 41-43, Related articles: Dana – Super shorty in Laufhaus Vienna (from 2014)
  • Studio 9, Address: Raaber-Bahn-Gasse 9
  • Studio C, Address: Fernkorngasse 42
  • Studio Blue Love, Address: Schröttergasse 44
  • Glückliche Quellen, Address: Laxenburgerstrasse 75
  • Peep Show, Address: Raaber – Bahn – Gasse 20
  • KontaktzoneAddress: Raaber-Bahn-Gasse 10
  • Studio Hardtmuthgasse 116, Address: Hardtmuthgasse 116
  • Studio Pink Vienna, Address: Triester Strasse 49
  • Cherrie Bar, Address: Puchsbaumgasse 49
  • ***Fortuna KinoAddress: Favoritenstrasse 147
  • Haus Der Liebe, Address: Hardtmuthgasse 116
  • Studio Traum, Address: Sonnleithnergasse 41
  • Die Bar, Address: Gudrunstrasse 131
  • Studio LaLolitaAddress: Buchengasse 132
  • Studio Himbergerstrasse 7-9, Address: Himberger Strasse 7-9
  • Studio 37a, Address: Triester Strasse 37

11th District – Simmering

12th District – Meidling

  • Cleopatra Bar, Address: Breitenfurter Strasse 157
  • Studio Top A, B, C, D, Address: Ignazgasse 42
  • Cherie BarAddress: Breitenfurter Strasse 131
  • Emotion WellnessAddress: Murlingengasse 3
  • Studio Arndtstrasse 24, Address: Arndtstrasse 24
  • Studio East RosesAddress: Wolfganggasse 38
  • Wolfganggasse Massagesalon, Address: Wolfganggasse 20
  • Neu Bar SchönbrunnAddress: Schönbrunner Schloßstrasse 46
  • Minmi´s Studio 171, Address: Altmannsdorfer Anger 65
  • Massage Studio 69, Address: Breitenfurterstrasse 185
  • Studio, Address: Siebertgasse 6
  • Baloo StudioAddress: Arndtstrasse 6
  • Studio 247Address: Rechte Wienzeile 247
  • Emotion WellnessAddress: Murlingengasse 7
  • Studio Golden PhönixAddress: Schallergasse 6
  • Love KinoAddress: Michael Bernhard Gasse 13
  • Studio Süsses Leben, Address: Oswaldgasse 3 
  • Studio 229, Address: Schönbrunner Strasse 229
  • Studio Assmayergasse 62, Address: Assmayergasse 62a
  • Relax ZoneAddress: Schönbrunner Strasse 190
  • ohne, Address: Siebertgasse 18

14th District – Penzing

  • Dzt. Unbek, Address: Linzer Strasse 81
  • Studio 115a, Address: Linzer Strasse 115
  • Studio LolaAddress: Hauptstrasse 123
  • La Vega, Address: Linzer Strasse 95
  • Club Sauna Karibik, Address: Hickelgasse 22 
  • Marrakesch Bar, Address: Linzer Strasse 199-201
  • Studio, Address: Linzerstrasse 97a 
  • Love Place, Address: Märzstrasse 150
  • Laufhaus RosiAddress: Linzer Strasse 43
  • Club 115, Address: Linzer Strasse 115 
  • Society ClubAddress: Linzer Strasse 93 
  • Massage East StarsAddress: Ameisgasse 36
  • Asia Massage, Address: Cervantesgasse 5
  • Studio 14, Address: Matznergasse 24

15th District – Fünfhaus

  • Studio 2a, Address: Denglergasse 5
  • Studio Top 5, Address: Eduard Sueß Gasse 26
  • Studio Goldschlagstrasse, Address: Goldschlagstrasse 125 
  • Studio Lady LuxAddress: Herklotzgasse 5
  • Studio 38, Address: Hollergasse 38 
  • Studio 13 B, Address: Illekgasse 13 
  • Studio SavageAddress: Johnstrasse 16 
  • Studio Bonita, Address: Oelweingasse 18
  • Studio 19 C, Address: Sechshauser Strasse 19c 
  • Studio 14/1b, Address: Sechshauserstrasse 14 
  • Blue Angel, Address: Stättermayergasse 31 
  • Babalu BarAddress: Ullmannstrasse 57
  • Cinderella BarAddress: Arnsteingasse 30
  • KontaktcafeAddress: Sechshauser Str. 18
  • Studio Johnstrasse, Address: Johnstrasse 14
  • Studio 34, Address: Sechshauser Strasse 34 
  • Studio 1, Address: Johnstrasse 13 
  • Studio ScandaleuxAddress: Felberstrasse 36
  • Massagestudio Löhrgasse, Address: Löhrgasse 5
  • Mini-Bar, Address: Felberstrasse 28 
  • Le Souterrain, Address: Hütteldorfer Strasse 47
  • AfroditaAddress: Johnstrasse 34-36
  • Studio 94, Address: Felberstrasse 94 
  • Studio Love PlaceAddress: Markgraf-Rüdiger-Strasse 29
  • Studio ElisabethAddress: Hackengasse 5
  • Studio Relaxe LoungeAddress: Löschenkohlgasse 22
  • Cinema EroticAddress: Sechshauserstrasse 128
  • Asia BarAddress: Wurzbachgasse 16
  • Studio 4b, Address: Winckelmannstrasse 4

16th District – Ottakring

  • Studio Love AngelsAddress: Brunnengasse 4
  • Studio Top 1, Address: Deinhardsteingasse 5
  • Lokal Top 1, Address: Fröbelgasse 37
  • Sissi SalonAddress: Fröbelgasse 41
  • Studio 35a, Address: Herbststrasse 35
  • Studio 66, Address: Herbststrasse 66
  • Studio 91, Address: Neulerchenfelder Strasse 91
  • Lokal A & B, Address: Seeböckgasse 23
  • Studio Bachgasse (Studio Angel), Bachgasse 11
  • Asia-StudioAddress: Brunnengasse 6a 
  • Studio Hellgasse, Address: Hellgasse 2
  • Studio Top 1, Address: Rankgasse 22 
  • Studio Secret AngelsAddress: Herbststrasse 25
  • Club 89Address: Neulerchenfelder Strasse 89
  • Studio Top 2, Address: Neulerchenfelder Strasse 91
  • Eisblume WellnessAddress: Wilhelminenstrasse 45
  • Cafe Emin, Address: Lerchenfelder Gürtel 15
  • Asia-Studio, Address: Brunnengasse 4
  • Haberlgasse 71, Address: Haberlgasse 71
  • Flamingo, Address: Lerchenfelder Gürtel 31
  • Lotus SpaAddress: Habichergasse 9
  • Villa BizarrAddress: Hasnerstrasse 95
  • Goldene Finger, Address: Hippgasse 30
  • Studio, Address: Kulmgasse 1 
  • Studio 69a, Address: Neulerchenfelder Strasse 69/1
  • Star Studio, Address: Neulerchenfelder Strasse 69/2 
  • Asia-Sexy, Address: Grundsteingasse 1-3
  • ***Studio Wohlfühloase, Address: Seitenberggasse 71 
  • WichtelstudioAddress: Wichtelgasse 43
  • Angels Demons, Address: Ottakringer Strasse 124
  • Cinderella Palast (Contact Center), Address: Wilhelminenstrasse 46
  • Rumsti Bumsti, Address: Herbststrasse 25

17th District – Hernals

  • Studio, Address: Haslingergasse 13
  • ***Studio Senjoritas, Address: Palffygasse 20
  • Studio 1, Address: Frauengasse 1
  • Studio BalooAddress: Hernalser Hauptstrasse 23
  • Club DoreenAddress: Ortliebgasse 10
  • Cafe Karibik, Address: Hormayrgasse 49
  • Sakura-Studio, Address: Hormayrgasse 17a
  • EdelstudioAddress: Blumengasse 5
  • Pianobar, Address: Hernalser Gürtel 31
  • Korona, Address: Hernalser Hauptstrasse 25
  • Studio Oishi, Address: Schellhammergasse 3

18th District: Währing

  • Studio 28, Address: Hildebrandgasse 28
  • Night Dream, Address: Währinger Gürtel 53 
  • Massage MINGMINGAddress: Antonigasse 54a
  • Studio 167a, Address: Währinger Strasse 167-167a
  • Place Of Dominance, Address: Kreuzgasse 33
  • Lina Studio 73Address: Martinstrasse 73a

20th District: Brigittenau

  • Pretty Woman, Address: Heinzelmanngasse 14
  • Yukina, Address: Klosterneuburger Strasse 62 
  • Studio 1 & 2, Address: Bäuerlegasse 29 Top 1 & 2
  • Studio 58a, Address: Brigittenauer Lände 58a
  • Hot Angels, Address: Denisgasse 9a
  • Studio ErosAddress: Denisgasse 9b
  • Studio 2 & 3, Address: Dresdner Strasse 130
  • Studio La Luna, Address: Klosterneuburger Strasse 121
  • Studio Rauscherstrasse 29, Address: Rauscherstrasse 29
  • Studio 6hexen, Address: Rebhanngasse 25 
  • Studio Romanogasse, Address: Romanogasse 21-23 
  • Studio 23, Address: Salzachstrasse 23
  • Kein Bezeichnung, Address: Dresdner Strasse 62a
  • Studio 111, Address: Klosterneuburger Strasse 111 Top 12 
  • Studio 108, Address: Engerthstrasse 108 
  • Studio 126Address: Engerthstrasse 126
  • Traumstudio, Address: Kampstrasse 8
  • Club Cafe Susi, Address: Traisengasse 10 

21st District: Floridsdorf

  • East-Diamonds, Address: Oellacherweg 6
  • Massage LisiAddress: Pragerstrasse 114
  • Mali-Relax, Address: Pilzgasse 23
  • Massagestudio, Address: Floridsdorfer Hauptstrasse 31
  • Yi Ting Studio, Address: Floridsdorfer Hauptstrasse 16
  • Red Rose, Address: Leopoldauer Strasse 66 
  • Ohne Bezeichnung, Address: Prager Strasse 62

22nd District: Donaustadt

23rd District: Liesing

Re: Ariana from Maxim Wien


<< July 17, 2018 at 10:46 am >>

Not too long ago, a review of Ariana from Maxim Wien has been posted on the Sex-Vienna forum by one of the community members. In this review, Pepender shares his experience with Ariana, the busty brunette from Sexclub Maxim Wien, as well as his thoughts on the club itself.

Preparation before Maxim

“I found Ariana on the Maxim site and to be completely honest, her big tits seduced me right away. I called Maxim before going to ask if she will be working. I think this is a must if you have a girl you want to go with. The guy who answered spoke perfect English and he told me that Ariana will be there at night starting at 9pm.”

Arriving at the club

“The club was just a few minutes away from the hotel where I stayed at, so getting to Maxim was really easy. I picked the hotel mainly because it was very close to Maxim. Not many people in the club at that point, probably because it was still early. I ordered a drink and told the bartender that I’m there for Ariana. She was up in the rooms with someone, so I had to wait a couple of minutes. I counted around 15-20 girls down in the bar while I waited. Most girls looked good, maybe even above average, but none of them had as big tits as Ariana, that’s for sure.”

Ariana, the busty brunette

“After about 10 minutes, Ariana came down from the upstairs rooms. The staff must have informed her that I’m waiting, because she just came to me at the bar. In person, Ariana is actually more beautiful than on her pictures. Pretty face, big eyes and those huge pair of tits that I’ve been dreaming about for the last couple of days. She was also smiling throughout our conversation, which I found to be very cute. We talked for a couple of minutes and she was very charismatic and likeable. Ariana told me that she used to work in another place called Wellcum where she mostly had Italian customers. She seemed to like it in Maxim more, apparently she has a more varied customer base there. The talk about services and how much I need to pay was actually playful.”

In the room with Ariana

“Ariana told me that I have to pay at the bar and we can go upstairs. I paid 200 euros for a regular room. The room we went to wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything special either. We took a shower together and seeing her wet tits was worth it on its own. After the shower, I got an amazing blowjob before the main deal. Again, her tits were the highlight here. Seeing them bounce around as I thrust was a fantastic sight. At one point I really didn’t know what to do and what not to do with them. She was very into the whole thing, at least that’s how I saw it. If it was an act, it was a good one. Our session with Ariana was perfect from my point of view. She gave me good service and those tits truly are out of this world.”

Chat with the staff before departure

“Before I left, I went back to the club with Ariana and talked with the bartender for a couple of minutes. I also told the receptionist that the session with Ariana was perfect, but the room wasn’t really special. The receptionist told me that they are planning on upgrading the rooms and adding a couple more throughout the summer.”

Final verdict

“This was my first time in Vienna, but I know I will go back sooner or later because of the sex scene. Ariana was amazing and I will repeat her on my next visit. Maxim is also a good establishment, especially if they upgrade the rooms too.”


Special thanks to Pepender for allowing this guest post to be made. If you want to read the original review or you want to join in on the conversation, be sure to check out this Sex-Vienna forum thread.

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I think it’s just a reconstruction. If I understand it correctly, they want to take away space from the clubs and turn them into public places (parks, walkways, etc.) I might be wrong, somebody clarify please.

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