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Re: Reply To: Saunaclub Funpalast official thread


<< November 22, 2018 at 10:49 pm >>

Food, drinks and towels should be included in the entry price in my opinion. Food and drinks are not such big upsell but they basically want to squeeze more money out of clients by making them pay for towels which are essential for hygiene. It is kind of ridiculous that an FKK wants you to pay for hygiene basics, they open the door to various hygiene problems that can stack up client after client

Re: Reply To: List of All Police Licensed Brothels in Vienna


<< September 17, 2018 at 10:38 pm >>

Really appreciate it, was trying to avoid illegal brothels at all costs after some bad experiences in Romania and Croatia. I thought there are much less legal brothels in Vienna for some reason but Im still only a rookie there

Re: Reply To: Photoshopped Manuela from Laufhaus Zollgasse


<< September 13, 2018 at 8:23 pm >>

And this is the thing that often makes brothels so misleading. They upload old or modified pictures of the girls hoping that you accept the service anyway and they get some easy money. A total scam in my opinion

Re: Reply To: FKK Colosseum in Augsburg, Germany


<< August 23, 2018 at 8:39 pm >>

I visited ColA two times so far. First time had two amazing sessions first with Nicole and then with Elly, would recommend both of them. You can check them out on the site

But now I want to talk about my second visit when I found a girl who was an absolute sex machine. At first I was disappointed because when I arrived there were almost no girls in the place, most of them busy or absent. So I decided to have a nice meal to make the time pass. After a short while I saw this girl named Coco. She is a slim blonde with tattoos all over her body and huge round fake tits.

I was glad she speaks almost fluent German, not like most other girls who barely speak English. She told right away that she wants a full hour with me for at least 100 EUR. I was glad she said that because I usually book girls for an hour anyway. It was not GFE at all, it was more awesome. She was like a professional pornstar in bed from the beginning to the end. It started before we even entered the room as he asked me if its OK if she gives a blowjob right on the sofa.

After that, everything happened in the room that you can imagine in a good porn movie. She is really good in dirty talk, deep tongue kisses and wild sex in many positions. During the session she always slowed down when I was about to cum then speeded up again. Just like in porn, constantly switching between fucking and sucking. In that session I had multiple times more sex than with most of the other girls I have been with so far, she really flattened me. Pretty much a nympho

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Re: Reply To: Sexclub Maxim Wien official thread


<< August 20, 2018 at 9:42 pm >>

There should be a rule that regulates upsells in my opinion. Although Maxim has slightly higher prices, at least there are no unwanted upsells, you can just tell what you want in the service and there is no need for further negotiation. But if you go to GT, there are high chances that the girl tries to upsell.

Basically they can do whatever they want, mostly taking advantage of first time visitors. This also hurts the reputation of the club in my opinion, it would be much better if these clubs had some rules that regulate upsells even if it would make the prices go higher. Upsells are much more annoying than slightly higher prices