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What NOT to do in a brothel!

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    Brothel etiquette is very important. The things you do in a sexclub and the way you interact with the girls could have a huge impact on the service that you’ll be getting. Thus, I’ve decided to share a couple of things with my fellow forumers that I’ve learned over the years. Hopefully, this post helps at least some of you on your upcoming adventures in Vienna’s brothels and sexclubs.

    1. you should never be disrespectful in a club. Some might think that they can do whatever they want and behave however they feel like, but this is not the case. Not only do the girls hate rude and disrespectful clients, but the club’s management is not going to like it either. This can lead to a bad service in the room or worse; you could just as easily get kicked out for being disrespectful.

    2. you shouldn’t ask too personal questions of the girls. Asking about their relationship status, trying to talk them out of being a sexworker or chatting about anything that is too close and personal should be avoided at all costs. Also, and this should go without saying, but you should NEVER fall in love with the girls. You know what their job is, so spare yourself the trouble and don’t get too emotional.

    3. if you go to a brothel, do not go while being intoxicated. Going to a sexclub drunk has numerous negative things that come with it. Some of the working girls in Vienna are eagerly waiting for a drunk client so they could take advantage of him. Also, some clubs are not tolerant of drunk clients, so again, you might just be thrown out.

    4. another thing you should keep an eye out for are the extra services that the girls are always offering. This is their job, this is how they make money, so naturally they will try to add extra services to make more money. You don’t always have to accept everything the girls are offering. We all have a general idea of what we’re looking for in a sexclub, so don’t let the girls sell you something you’re not interested in just because of sheer pressure.

    5. you should take a shower before going to a club or use the shower in the club if available. Going for a session while being unhygienic will 100% make the whole experience weird, awkward or simply non-enjoyable. Naturally, the girls hate smelly clients too.

    If you follow these simple guidelines, you are already on a path to becoming a client that any working girl or club would gladly have. If you want to read more about what you shouldn’t do in a brothel, here’s an article I found about the subject:

    Avoid Doing This in a Sex Club

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    Some of those things are a real issue at times.

    While in Vienna you are generally safe and will not get beaten up even if you are disrespectful to the staff, in other countries you are definitely at risk. I wouldn’t raise my voice, frankly, when in a brothel in Budapest or Prague for example.

    In Vienna you will be fine, kicked out, but still physically unharmed in most cases


    You should not be emotionally attached to women who work in sex clubs. Falling in love with them is the worst thing that you can do. If you are the type of person who falls in love easily, avoid sex clubs in general. As I’ve said, you go to a sex club for a one-night stand.

    Exactly, you go to prostitutes for a one-night stand in exchange for money – no strings attached! I never understood how can people fall in love with girls in brothels, studios or whatever. I personally don’t see prostitutes as girlfriend material.


    It’s also important to remember that you are not forced to accept any and all extra services that you’re being offered. Girls in some brothels will try to do upsells, so be cautious of that as well.


    Going to a sex club or an FKK drunk would be the stupidest thing ever. Its not worth the risk of getting kicked out for me. Plus then there’s the fact that some might perform poorly when intoxicated.

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