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2017-08-28 10:30:07

Sex doll in Kontakthof 1

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    What?! How could a sex doll ever replace a real prostitute? That’s just stupid.


    I am sure there are people who are willing to pay good money for weird stuff like this. Personally I am not interested, but there are many types of people in Vienna


    Wow! Interesting, I have not heard about this yet, but I’d like to try it out.


    I just hope this wont be something we find in every brothel from now on


    Are there really people who prefer a plastic doll over real prostitutes? Something must be wrong with those people if they pay to be in a room with a rubber mannequin. What has this world come to?


    I’m down to try having sex with a sex doll once and seeing how it feels. Worst case scenario, I never choose to do this ever again.


    They must do a thorough cleaning on the doll after each client. Still, I would never put my penis inside of a rubber sex doll that others have fucked. No thank you!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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