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2018-03-14 13:18:04

Saunaclub Funpalast official thread

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    Funpalast is one of the cheapest FKKs you will find in Vienna. In the last couple of years, Funpalast has turned into a budget club, which was more or less a smart choice from the management. The girl lineup is not visible on the club’s website, but the ladies you’ll find in Funpalast are average or above average. The services they offer are not the best either, but at least you won’t get scammed in FP.

    The problem most people have with Funpalast is that it is indeed a budget club now and that the clientele has changed a lot in recent years. When compared to Goldentime, Funpalast prices are lower, but the service level, the girl lineup, as well as the club itself is far inferior.

    Feel free to discuss anything new, interesting or noteworthy related to Funpalast here.


    There are seemingly no Austrian locals in FP anymore. The club is full of Turkish clients who are getting drunk and having fun among themselves. You are either going to love Funpalast or completely hate it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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