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2018-05-09 13:19:48

Prostitution Nightmare Stories

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    I thought it would be fun to share some of our worst nightmarish stories that happened while with a prostitute. I’m sure most of us have had something unpleasant happen to us. People who are new to mongering might also learn something from the stories.

    Here’s my nightmare story:

    So this happened back when I started paying for sex. It wasn’t my first time going to a prostitute, but I was still just starting out. I arranged a meeting with a girl that I found online (she worked from her apartment), but I didn’t do any research on her whatsoever – huge mistake. I was intrigued by the low price she offered, so I called her immediately. She gave me the address and the time and that was it. She was actually pretty nice when I got to her place; I remember thinking to myself “WOW, cheap and friendly, nice!” Well, I kinda jinxed myself, I guess. As soon as I entered the room I smelled something funny. I suspected it was her, so I asked if she could take a shower before we start. She shrugged and said that she took care of it before I arrived. Naïve me believed her, so I paid and we started to get on with the business.

    Now, you must know that I am not a squeamish person per se, but the smell was horrible. It might not have been just her, the room might have smelled to begin with, but I couldn’t bare it. I politely asked her if she could go and take a shower before we continue and that’s when all hell broke loose. She literally jumped off of me and started screaming, demanding that I leave immediately. First I had no idea what to say to this crazy person, but then I tried to be reasonable with her. I said that I just want her to take a shower so I could enjoy the time with her, nothing else. This was pointless, as she was furious and still wanted me to leave. I didn’t want any trouble, so I just left quietly. Thankfully, it really was a cheap hookup, so not much was lost.

    This experience thought me two things that have helped me over the years:

    1. Never go for the cheapest option when it comes to prostitutes – the low price that she asked should have been a huge red flag that something’s wrong. No girl would offer a good service for an overly low price. And this is true for most places in the world.

    2. Always stick to your gut feeling – this experience could have been avoided if I insisted on a shower before I handed over the money. Now I know this, but back then I didn’t want to make the girl feel bad, so I didn’t ask her to clean herself up. HUGE MISTAKE! Always get your money’s worth. You are the one paying her and not the other way around, so if a shower is all it takes for a good experience, by all means insist on it.

    In hindsight, this experience could have been much worse. I only lost some time and a bit of money, nothing marginal. I’m interested to see what you guys have gone through, which are some of your worst prostitute nightmare stories?

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    this will be an interesting topic haha


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    Nobody came up with anything yet..

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