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Nightclub Maxim Wien – great brothel in Vienna

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    Maxim Wien is one of the best sex clubs and brothels in Vienna. We reviewed it and covered the interieour, girls, staff and the entertainment part of the club. Check your review here:

    Have you ever visited Maxim? What was the best part of your visit?


    Not to be judgemental at all. Dont get me wrong. But arrend you afraid of stds if you do this so much?


    Thank you for your comment and no, I am not afraid of STDs. I am informed about the risks and the DOs and DON’Ts in these cases. So I am prepared and well aware of statistics and such.
    In Austria all the girls are usually registered with the police and go to regular doctor’s exam. This limits the rist to a minimum.


    I am hoping that you attend the maxim porn part with little caprice. please tell us about it afterwards!


    In Austria is prostitution legalised and controlled am I right ? ……Not like in the UK …


    Hi there!
    I´ve been at Maxim in Vienna last week. Firrst of all I have to admit that I choose that Club cause its central and I heard that there is also a club area and my hotel was near by. So I came there and what I liked first was that there is no Entry fee. I don´t like when sexclubs take entry cause it gives me the feeling that they just want to catch me so I stay for at least a drink. I don´t want to buy anything without knowing what I can expect. Anyway. The Club area is quite huge, but it´s seperated into two, the bar and show area and another room where it´s more quiet and intime. I liked that a lot, but in my case, as I alrdy mentioned, I wanted a little Party. So. I came inside and the atmosphere was just amazing! Really! I don´t go often to sexclubs, but whereever I´ve been — I dunno. I immediately and always had the feeling it´s a bit dirty, but in a bad way — if you know what I mean — but at this Maxim place absolutely not. The Girls were sexy and approached me of course and there was a stripshow almost all the time, but everything was just really cool and nobody forced me. So I had a few drinks and was chatting with the Ladys. And than I took an hour with a dark haired really cute girl. Well, what can I say. I will definitely COME AGAIN 😛 next year when I am back to my fav City Vienna!


    I want to have sex for an hour and I want to know the price and know the title


    Hi: Do the women in Maxim walk around naked like at Oase FKK and World FKK near Frankfurt? Thanks.



    No. Maxim is not an FKK club. Everybody there is dressed in normal clothes

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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