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2018-01-04 11:59:16

Hungarian sex workers in Vienna

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    I am a big fan of sex workers but it is quite difficult to find a Hungarian girl in Vienna. However, as I know there are many girls from Hungary who live in this city. What they work then? How can I find Hungarian sex workers in Vienna continously?


    Many Hungarians work in restaurants, pubs, I also have few friends who came from Hungary. They left their home because of better earning possibilities but they have profession to get money as normal workers. Romanians are more often work in sex industry.


    at least half of Romanian girls work in Vienna as prostitute…


    #22412 I’m sure there are many Hungarian prostitutes in Vienna. I often travel with an Intercity what starts in Budapest and arrives to Wien Hbf. I always see few overdecorated women on them, they are blonde or black, has big lips and breasts and has chocolate brown colour during winter too. They look super stupid and show their top mobile whole trip. Counting their dresses too, I’m sure they are prostitutes who work and live in Vienna.


    many Romanian sex workers also use the Hungarian trains so they could be Romanian prostitutes too


    #22451 Of course Romanians also use those Intercity trains between Budapest and Vienna, but I heard that the mentioned girls used the Hungarian language. I’m also Hungarian so I’m sure they were also from Hungary.


    en is magyar vagyok 🙂

    I am also from Hungary and where I live noone work in Austria as sexworker. I leave next to Austrian border and I can conform that most of young and many of elder people work in Austria every day.

    They work on farms, mostly on apple farms in Burgenland, also there are few factories among the border and youngs often have place in restaurants. One of my friends is a waiter, other guy work as chef. They get around 1600-2000 euros what is not bad if you live in Hungary.

    I heard many news about Hungarian prostitutes in Vienna, but they are gipsy girls in most cases who are from the poorest parts of Hungary. The counties next to Romania or Ukraine are really poor, there are no work possibilities so thousands of Hungarians migrate from there to Western Hungarian counties, or directly to Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Often the gipsy girls are the poorest who do not have any profession, so they can work only in sex industry. I don’t know there are Hungarian gipsy pimps in Vienna, or the girls work alone.


    gipsy pimps work in the netherlands, they are responsible for 99% of prostitute murders


    Vienna and Austria is an amazing place, also the other German countries. They made the prostitution legal so girls can work alone, just by finding the most suitable sex club. Pimps are not welcome in those high quality businessmen clubs, nor in FKKs or Laufhauses. By making the sex business regulated, Austria saved thousands of girl lifes so far, just by not allowing pimps to track the girls in trusted sex institutes.


    what is a laufhaus? is it a haus of prostitutes or what


    “A Laufhaus is a totally different animal than the other brothel forms you find in Austria and in Vienna in particular. A Laufhaus can best be described as a kind of sex hotel where the girls pay for the room and the guests pay for the sex, do their thing and leave. There are usually no guest rooms, no drinks, except for coffee and soft drinks machines and no reason to stay longer than for the actual deed which is the sex. So it is a kind of Fast Food Sex form”. Source:


    True, there are Hungarian girls in Wien sexclubs as well. Maxim and Goldentime have them or had them, I’m not sure about their current lineup. That is also true, that 95 of 100 girls are from Romania. Hungarian and other former socialist countries’ prostitutes are less common.


    the maxim site shows only former girls who are hungarian


    yes #22557 that’s why I wrote that I’m not sure about their current lineup

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