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2017-07-19 14:10:44

FKK club Impact on Prostitution Business

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    FKKs are too much for me. I like to either sit down and talk with the girl in a club or just meet and pay for sex. Having dozens of other guys with towels around their waists around me while I try to find the girl I want to fuck is just weird to me.


    Never kiss a girl in an FKK! Just imagine how many clients she had before you and what she’s done with those clients. That’s utterly disgusting for me and I don’t understand how anyone would want to do that?! The same goes for having sex with a prostitute without using a condom.


    I LOVE SAUNACLUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!


    #20464, I completely agree with what you wrote. I tried FKKS and saunaclubs, but they never appealed to me exactly for that reason.


    The girls that work in these places have the worst jobs ever, even girls in shady studios might be in a better situation. The fact that guys can simply send the girls away without paying if they dont like something is just ridiculous. I think the girls should be allowed to keep their dignity at least a little bit. Otherwise they will hate their job and this will obviously lead to a bad service. Its a vicious circle that makes the game hard for everyone.


    escort > FKK


    I’ve recently started visiting saunaclubs and FKK clubs and so far I like the whole vibe. Its cool to look around and see up to a hundred sexy girls who want to work for the money.


    20532, its actually sexbar > escort > FKK


    There’s no doubt about the fact that FKKs have impacted the prostitution business, especially in Germany. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want to see all brothels and sexclubs turn into FKKs. We need variety, as there are some (including me) who prefer a regular brothel to FKKs. What do you guys think?


    I have been to an FKK once and that was enough for me to see that it is not something I enjoy doing.


    i have no problems with fkk clubs, but i see why some might think that it is the future of prostitution. i like to change things up and visit a regular brothel once in a while, but i prefer fkk clubs by a long shot


    @20850, it really depends on the FKK you visit


    Thankfully, FKKs have not yet taken over the sex business in Vienna. Currently, the two relevant FKKs in Vienna are Goldentime (best FKK in Wien) and Funpalast (cheap FKK). Still, I would never go to an FKK when I have the option of going to a brothel.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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