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2012-11-09 12:13:02

Best Asia Studio in Vienna – Real Chinese beauties

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    Asian studios are famous for OWO, AO and the GFE, which are additional services that other prostitutes ask a hefty amount for. Asian girls do not ask a huge price and this might even be because they are often working in smaller studios and illegal apartments.

    When it comes to the best Asian studio in Vienna, Studio Asia is the clear winner. Not only does the studio offer a nice environment with some good looking Asian girls. If this is what you are looking for, visit the aptly named Studio Asia.


    Please send me


    Send you what?


    Hey FireStorm,

    Great site for all info related to vienna, keep it up man,
    I checked with the address for asian girls but i think they have moved from Romanogasse 21, can you please update with the latest information related to Asian massage studios (with pretty girls).

    thnx for all the info
    Enjoy !!!


    Hi Searcher,

    The Asian girls from there have indeed moved and the team from there is not working in Vienna anymore as far as I know.

    They were the best I have seen in the Asian department so I can’t really recommend any other studio that would live up to them, I am afraid.

    As soon as I hear about a new good Asian studio I will write a report for sure!


    hi firestorm
    great site. great posts.. keep it up..
    i would like to as one question->>how difficult is it to find a clean massage studio with decent girls(i have seen some really ugly girls tht i wouldnt even look at) where you can get a nice massage and a BJ at the end..?
    most of the massage studios in Vienna looks too dodgy even to give a try! most of them are illegal,most of them dont even have a shower…???
    Dhevari Spa looks great, clean and proper, but I wonder if you can get EXTRA services or not???
    you have to find something for your followers!!!!!!!

    all the best


    Dhevari Spa, I had never heard of until now and it seems to be a real wellness spa with no erotic services on offer.

    I am not big on massages, I do not visit them in Vienna at all at the moment. The one that is most recommended among the legal ones is:

    There were more of them but at this time, some of them are having legal troubles due to the nature of the present prostitution law.


    Hi there,
    Thanks for the tip. I have heard of emotion-wellness as well. Once again great site. All the best!



    My German is very poor unfortunately. I am very happy to find this English speaking site.
    I want to visit this studio because I never went to an asian girl, because they are advertising erotic massage and because I want to have also sex after massage.

    The problem is that I saw your opinion and others that those girl are doing sex without condom. In this case I will not go. I prefer more expensive studious were sex is always with condom and girls perform weekly medical check. Can you or anyone else advise?

    Thank you,


    Dear Tomcat,
    Our girls have sex always with condom!!! and all of the girls perform weekly medical check.
    So you don^t have to worry about anything. We are there since 2008 and all the ladies are in their best health.

    Our Service and Ladies are one of the Best in Vienna.
    Check out our original Fotos hier:

    Hope that was helpful …

    Kind regards,
    AsiaStudio Wien


    I am coming next week in Vienna and like to visit some Asian ladies!
    Can you help me with date?


    An Asia Studio with young and beautiful girls?! Uaowh, it sounds like a joke!
    Of course I do believe it, so sorry that they are not here in Wien anymore.

    Yeh, I cannot really understand this chinese mentality, I love sexual massages and more than once I have tried to trust the a.d. and went to visit the place, but every time it ends up with an exit from the place after having heard lots of: “No, I am Coco, yes!”.
    I do believe this is the only stupid thing that chinese poeple cannot understand! Stupid amazing and fake fotos, for the same girl every fotos different from the other, in location like mountains, lakes, sea, but not the studio! But is it possible that a population that has been able to copy the Rover Evoque like a copy-machine believes that all people are stupid?????


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