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« on: October 4, 2013 at 10:10 pm »

Very good and informative post.
I would like more info about safe sex aspects in those places.
You said somewhere about bareback.
Also you said about high girls fluctuation.
I have to admit that I am afraid about sexual diseases.
So, I want to know if condoms are available in those clubs and if generally girls are using them.
Also do you know something about medical check for the girls. I know it is mandatory by law to be from 2 to 2 weeks. Still if it is high fluctuation of girls, as you said, then medical check doesn’t look too relevant.

Something else. How is girls English? Could you have interesting conversation with them or this is not the point here and only the body is important. I am not English native also but I would enjoy some talk.
Connected with that. If you want to spend more time with a girl, just for talk, before going in the room, is it ok? That mean she will charge you just for spending time with you?
Last thing, if you want just to stay, in order to swim, to take a sauna or to rest, enjoying the view, are you left alone or girls will always jump on you.

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