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Re: Best Asia Studio in Vienna – Real Chinese beauties


« on: January 24, 2016 at 7:06 pm »

An Asia Studio with young and beautiful girls?! Uaowh, it sounds like a joke!
Of course I do believe it, so sorry that they are not here in Wien anymore.

Yeh, I cannot really understand this chinese mentality, I love sexual massages and more than once I have tried to trust the a.d. and went to visit the place, but every time it ends up with an exit from the place after having heard lots of: “No, I am Coco, yes!”.
I do believe this is the only stupid thing that chinese poeple cannot understand! Stupid amazing and fake fotos, for the same girl every fotos different from the other, in location like mountains, lakes, sea, but not the studio! But is it possible that a population that has been able to copy the Rover Evoque like a copy-machine believes that all people are stupid?????


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